I’m getting old

I realized it’s been too long since I’ve blogged and as I was stretching to get started on my intense typing, I had a crick (sp?) in my neck that intensified into this searing pain. I massaged it furiously until it was gone but it brought me to the conclusion that I’m getting old. Signs I’m getting old:

1. I have weird pains in random places of my body.  Sometimes my back, sometimes my knee and often my neck when I stretch.
2. I’m wearing Liz Claiborne gray dress slacks.
3. I carry a eco friendly water bottle (signs that I officially feel guilty about my environmental footprint on the world)
4. I have a lunch box
5. I’m getting a hotel room to attend Picnic Day (too old to crash on someone’s floor)
6. I got a car that has great mileage and is literally a grandpa magnet. When I bought it I also noted that it had enough room for a carseat or two (!?!?)
7. I have a hard time remembering where I put things, although this has been habit all my life.
8. I’m starting to have married or child-bearing friends. Friends I used to go to the club with!
9. Pretty much everyday there is at least one moment at which I think “I miss college”
10. I work a 9-5. Really more like 9-4:30 but still a long work day.

I hope I’m at least as cool as Betty White in my olden days

Oh Betty


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