Simply Celebrating: Our First Hosting Gig

* I wrote this entry before the creation of SimplyEvani but since it’s party related, I decided to keep it!

Last Sunday, Rob and I hosted our first dinner party. It ended up being an amazing night with our closest friends and I don’t think I could’ve asked for more. However now I am deathly ill and unbearably tired at work.

This party marked the beginning of my domestic divaship and my trial run for the future childrens birthday parties I will undoubtedly hate myself for planning. When we said we wanted to throw a BBQ to commemorate not attending Houseboats this year, it started as a simple homage of burgers and hot dogs but as usual, I was blinded by visions of grandeur. Since I’ve started a 9-5 job, I’ve been reading “Mommy blogs” religiously. These stay-at-home-moms and their outrageously adorned and adorable parties had me feeling ambitious for our party. Plus, it was a good chance to trial run some of the ideas I’ve loved recently on Pinterest. So while Rob envisioned some paper plates, chips and burgers, I was attempting to make our simple party as complicated as possible.


Overall, I am pleased to say we executed my vision almost to a T. I wasn’t able to get thank you favors ready but my tablescape was exactly as I had envisioned. We served a menu of cheeseburgers, chicken burgers, chips, salsa, fruit, corn, and potato skins. I managed to do some dipped pretzels which were eaten up quickly and officially created my best batch of cake pops by popular vote, red velvet. Not to mention they weren’t too bad on the eyes this time around! I’m now an avid collector of glass vases, jars and anything I can use as display for future parties. I jokingly (but probably seriously) said I would keep the decor for one of my children’s nautical themed 3rd birthdays and I stashed away all my seashells and netting. Overall, the overachieving part of myself was satisfied with knowing that Sandra Dee or Martha Stewart would nod in appreciation. Most of all, really excited my closest friends appreciated the effort and enjoyed themselves! Success!

There were some great drinks to be consumed with great friends. It was a good mix of old and news friends and although I think the number of guests was a little higher than we planned, we were happy with it.  However if I plan on decorating and personalizing any more of our parties, the smaller number of guests the better. I wanted to make sure to note that somewhere as a reminder to myself, because I tend to forget how I felt and I repeat my mistakes over. But overall, great weekend with even greater friends!! Party planning is something I foresee being a real hobby of mine, if Rob can stand it  🙂

This weekend was also great for hanging out with some of my best friends. I know I tend to use the term best friend rather loosely (I consider many people to be my “best friend”) but having Paige, Rudy and Auva all in one place is like having the planets align (even though we were missing Jess and Katie). Throughout college, I probably share the most memorable moments with those 3 individuals (and Rob lol) and no matter how many times we talk about those moments, they never cease being funny. Like when I cried in Aliki’s class  senior year or when I left Auva’s house without shoes and a child’s tshirt on. I know that the 3 of us have friends outside of each other and I don’t even really know if they would all consider me one of their best friends, but I know that they will be in my life as long as they can stand me. It reminds me that friendship is something that comes easily between the right people and that some friendships are worth trying a little harder to keep than others. And I appreciate Rudy and Paige making the trek from their long distance locales!

Can’t wait until our next planned function!


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