Favorite Fridays: Put you to bed

Happy Friday readers! Are you as excited for the weekend as I am? This weeks theme was inspired by some restless nights in my room due to a HOT week. Thank God for a Sacramento cool down.

Favorite Fridays: Put you to bed

1. Remote Control Light switch

$7.99 on ThinkGeek.com

This is brilliant. And not because I’m just purely lazy but because it’s functional and we all know it. Don’t pretend like you haven’t gotten comfy in bed and wished that you could turn the light switch off from across the room. Or what about that time you had to go pee at 3 am and you accidentally stepped on hairclip/lego/other miscellaneous object? Wouldn’t it be nice to turn on the light from the comfort of your bed and be able to see? That’s what I thought.

2. Doc XL Sofa Bed by Resource Furniture



Beds rumored price $6800

Meant to be space savers, the Doc Sofa Bed System is the pinnacle of functionality for small spaces. Reviews do note that once converted into beds, the occupancy is literally 1 person per bed so that’s something to keep in mind. Also the $6800 rumored price tag leaves more to be desired. But who wouldn’t love to have this upgraded futon in their home?

3. Brick Wall

Beautiful Brick Wall Arch

Now I know this isn’t an aesthetic you can necessarily buy but I am enamored with the idea of brick in the bedroom. It gives off such a rustic feel that is both romantic and rough at the same time. It would obviously be easiest to buy a home with this already pre-built but I’m sure where there’s a will, there’s a way!

4. The Starry Night Sleep Technology

A mere $50,000

So this bed isn’t entirely esthetically pleasing but it is armed with a load of features. It’s anti-snore technology inclines the offender until the snoring has decreased. It has a dual programmable temperature control to keep your body as cool or hot as you like it. It also includes an Ipod docking station with surround sound build into the bed. Oh it’s also Wifi enabled with it’s own server and a 1080p projector. Sure it’s ugly but I’ll take one in black, thank you.

5. The Peaceful Progression Wake Up Clock

$69.95 from hummacher.com

From the website: “At 30 minutes before wake-up, the clock’s light begins to glow softly, brightening over the next half-hour. The warmth from the lamp releases faint aromatherapy scents into the air to stimulate the olfactory senses. Fifteen minutes before wake-up, the clock generates your choice of six soft nature sounds, such as ocean surf or songbirds. A beeper sounds at the end of the cycle. Can also be used with sound or beeper only. Included are four types of aromatherapy beads (Energy, Morning Café, Stress Relief, and Lavender) along with 10 felt disks for your own aromatherapy oils. With snooze, headphone jack, volume control.”  This is brilliant but absolutely crazy.

While a majority of these products are beyond a normal bedroom budget, isn’t it fun to dream?

Have a wonderful weekend!


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