Favorites Friday: Guilty Pleasures

Happy Friday all! I’ve had a hard week and I can’t tell you how happy I am that it’s Friday! Plus it’s a 3-day-weekend and I’m going to a concert on Saturday (more on this in a bit)! Anywho, how was your week?

Favorites Friday: Guilty Pleasures (of mine)

Post itssss

1. Notepads and Post Its

I have an unhealthy obsession with post-its and notepads. Something about their color and the different designs just lends to the crazy obsessive side of me. I once bought a pack of over 50 notepads, post-its and flags in a set at Ross for $9.99. There were pads for every month of the year and I couldn’t resist that. My collection got so intense I made a deal with myself that I can only buy 1 notepad or post-it pad a month. You can ask Rob, I have an entire desk drawer dedicated to post its and notepads. And it’s not a small drawer.

Backstreet Boys

2. The Backstreet Boys

In middle school, I lived and breathed the Backstreet Boys. When it came to the N*Sync vs. BSB war, I was devout to my Boys. Sure I bobbed my head to “Dirty Pop” once or twice but mostly scoffed at Justin Timberlake’s frosted tips and thought Chris’ dreads looked stupid. I could list off all the ways I was completely insane as a pre-teen but really I can’t deny that love still exists. Total I saw at least 4 Backstreet Boys Concerts, 1 of which I won a contest through Burger King and sat front row. And as the inner girl in me squeals with excitement, I am happy to announce that I will be seeing my Boys yet again tomorrow at the New Kids on the Block/Backstreet Boys Concert in San Jose! I’m determined to play nothing but Backstreet Boys all day today and you can bet I will most likely be blogging about it on Monday.

3. Free Stuff

Despite the fact I can usually afford most of the free paraphernalia given out, I LOVE getting free stuff. From the career fairs in the quad at Davis to the Thank You Staff Parties here at the Medical Center, I love getting those free reuseable bags and all the free pens they’re willing to give me. The best is when my coworker and I find free food. Some of the meals they serve head honchos over at my workplace are gourmet and not having to buy lunch for the day feels so good. Haha. I just love free stuff.  Especially post-its or notepads, those are my favorite free giveaways.

The only shoes I love more than my Marco Santi heels

4. Rainbow Flip Flops

It’s borderline unhealthy how much I love these flip flops. I discovered these my Sophomore year of college in a small shop on campus. I bought my first pair of tan skinny strap rainbows and my love affair had begun. Since that day almost 4 years ago, I’ve owned 6 pairs of rainbows (In case you are a rainbows fanatic: tan skinny, white skinny, black skinny, tan thick, hemp thick and my 2nd tan thick).

The only story I have to illustrate my unhealthy obsession with rainbows happened last August at Magic Mountain. As Rob and I got on the Goliath, I realized I still had my shoes on. He puts the flip flops in his pocket as her board the ride and since we both fit snug in the seat, we had no worries. 7 minutes later on a literal death trap (WORST ROLLERCOASTER EVER) Rob and I descend incredibly thankful for our lives and Rob turns to me saying “Your rainbows are gone”. I laugh, thinking it was a joke and as I look at his very serious face, I proceed to burst into tears. Yes, over my flip flops. As I walk barefoot off the ride, I’m too sad to even feel embarrassed for my lack of footwear.

Now you may ask, why would you cry about flip flops? Well for me, it wasn’t necessarily the shoe. Rainbows are ridiculously overpriced leather sandals because they last for a long time. They’re tight and uncomfortable at first but when you “break them in” they mold to the fit of your foot. The flip flops that had fallen off on Goliath were going on their 3rd year and were by FAR my favorite pair. They were well worn and I spent a majority of my Undergrad career in that pair. Especially during the warm spring quarter, I would say I those rainbows were the only shoe I wore in college. I guess I tend to attach memories to inanimate objects, hence my immense sadness at losing those shoes. But Rob bought me a new pair and I’ve been happily working on breaking them in.  🙂

Beautiful apothecary Jars

5. Glass Vases

My newest obsession is with large glass vases/containers. Since I’ve started planning parties, I’m on the hunt for any and all jars I can use to decorate my tables. Usually I fill them with colored candy, fruit or cake pops. To date, I think I’ve gotten my collection up to 10 glass containers but I have yet to add an apothecary jar to the mix. I NEED one. I also need a place to put all these things….

Beautiful right?!?



Anywho, hope you enjoyed my Favorites Friday, Evani edition! I guess I could have named it Obsessions opposed to Guilty Pleasures haha. Have a Happy 4th of July Weekend!


One thought on “Favorites Friday: Guilty Pleasures

  1. haha looking back the sandals story is funny, but it wasn’t funny running back to the truck to get your other pair… ahhaha i love you

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