Favorites Friday: Summer Must Haves

Happy Friday everyone!

I finally took the plunge and went public with my blog on Tuesday. Although it wasn’t one of my wittier entries, I feel that it fit the tone and topic of my blog pretty well. Hopefully I have a few new readers from it and if anyone new is reading, Welcome!

In case there are new people tuning in, Favorites Friday is a pretty self explanatory segment where I highlight 5 of my favorite things pertaining to a topic of my choosing. While not typically relevant to the post-grad side of me, it’s usually a good chance for my readers to get to know me better or to read about interesting new products I find online. If they are purchasable items, the photo always links to the website, in case you’re crazy enough to buy the things I showcase.

Favorites Friday: Summer Must Haves

This week I’ve been in vacation planning mode (when am I not vacation planning) and I figured a list of summer Must Haves was due.

1. A Good Lawn Chair

Lawn chair

Summer is never complete without a lawn chair. Primarily because my family spends so much time at the baseball fields but I think everyone needs to have at least one. For Sacramento locals, whether it be a day at the Sac River or the cheap lawn seats at the Rivercats games, find a lawn chair that suits you.

Umbrella attachment

For some, a chair that has a table for your drink of choice or for the skin conscious, a chair with an umbrella . Most of all, I think we all agree that if we saw someone in this crazy hammock like portable contraption, we would all most likely laugh.

No it's not for babies

2. Sunblock

Cannot live without

Ladies, listen up. Tan is beautiful but wrinkles are not. From the Skin Cancer Foundation Website: “Up to 90 percent of the visible changes commonly attributed to aging are caused by the sun.” Aside from the obvious cancerous reasons, if you are tanning for cosmetic reasons, at the least take precautions against the sun aging your face. The summer product I can’t live without is Clinique’s Super City Block Ultra Protection. It’s SPF 40, costs around $18-21 and smells great. It’s a moisturizer, tinted foundation and sunblock all in one! It doesn’t leave my face feeling oily or shiny and I can’t argue with Clinique cosmetic’s reputation.

Regardless of whether you use Clinique or Coppertone, slather up and protect your skin!

3. A pair of Shades

Coach $110

Ray-Ban Aviators $182

So this goes hand in hand with the sunblock but who doesn’t love a pair of shades in the summer? . There are so many shapes, shades and styles to wear that everyone can find a style that works for them. I truly believe everyone needs to own at least 1 pair of “legit” sunglasses (non-Forever 21, gas station or Target brand) because there’s no denying the quality of a good pair of Coach or Ray-Ban sunglasses (and for anyone who knows me well, I’m the first person to side with frugality)

I was the type of person to go through maybe 4-6 pairs of Forever 21 sunglasses every summer which was “ok” with me since they were only about $5.99 each. When I got tired of finding the nose bridge bent or a lens popping out, I decided to get my first pair of real sunglasses. 3 years later not a single thing has gone wrong with my pair of Coach shades and they were worth every penny. Places like Macy and Nordstroms are good places to see a wide variety and try them on.

4. Go-To Pair of Shorts

A good pair of striped shorts

If only we all looked as tan and fit as this model!

Summer is all about taking it off and in Sacramento, the 100+ degree summers calls for as little clothing as possible. Everyone has got to have their go-to pair of shorts to call on. It’s the pair that go with everything, require little to no fuss and keep your body temperature down as much as possible. Whether it be jean, cargo or mesh basketball shorts, find your pair and flaunt it proudly.

5. An open schedule and flexibility


Summer is the season for making plans with friends and enjoying the warmth! Keep your schedule open for a last minute weekend barbecue or that river rafting trip you’ve always wanted to take. Make time to just sit outside or take a walk. Plan a neighborhood potluck  or pack up your stuff and head to the beach for the weekend. Just remember in a few short months, the rain will return so enjoy it while you can!

Happy Friday all! Have a great weekend 🙂


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