Favorites Friday: All is Fair

This week’s Favorites Friday is inspired by the State Fair, which opened in Sacramento on Thursday July 14th! I don’t know what it is about the fair that I love but I can’t help but go at least once or twice every summer. A small disclaimer: Those who are repulsed by fried foods may be disturbed.

Favorites Friday: All is Fair

1. Food I can’t wait to try: Deep Fried Avocados


Not only is avocado my favorite “fruit” (yes, it’s a fruit!) in the whole world but the idea of some warm batter surrounding it makes my heart sing. I know the deep frying it basically renders it unhealthy but you know it sounds delicious!!

2. The 2011 new State fair food I’ll pass on: Raccoon on a stick

I can’t even post of a picture of it because I can’t bring myself to google what that will look like. Nope, not happening. Meeko from Pocahontas was one of my favorite characters and I just won’t do it.

3. Best thing to do with a group of friends: The Hypnotist Show

If you manage to somehow get you or your friends chosen for the hypnotist show, it’ll be a moment to remember for your whole life. I will say that I did get chosen for the hypnotist show and was NOT hypnotized but I think it was because I wasn’t willing for my subconscious to roll with it. On 2 separate occasions, I had friends chosen who did CRAZY things and they said the experience was real. I still laugh when I remember the things they did that night and it’s overall a great show.

4. Best thing I ever bought at the State fair: 600 thread count Egyptian “comfort” sheets

I know this sounds kinda crazy but I bought a set of sheets at the state fair last year and I considered them such a steal! It came as a set with a fitted sheet, loose sheet, and 2 pillow cases. I found them at this outdoor stand relatively close to Raging Waters and they only cost $20 for the whole set (which being a college student sounded fabulous). I completely doubt that they were 600 thread count or Egyptian cotton but I liked them just fine for $20! And yes, they were fully packaged in a legitimate way, as if they came from like Bed Bath and Beyond. I wouldn’t say it was my best purchase ever but hands down a great deal when you’re on a budget.

5. Young and old, don’t leave the State fair without having: Funnel Cake

There are few things in this world as palate pleasing as funnel cake. Why is it that much better at the State fair? Who knows. But whether you like it with chocolate syrup, strawberries or ice cream, you gotta have one.

I wrote this entry prematurely and now I’m slightly sad I didn’t go with a Harry Potter themed Favorites Friday (yes, I went to the midnight showing last night!). I think it’s only fair that if some of my readers haven’t seen the latest movie, I refrain from sharing any details so next week, expect at least 1 entry to be an homage to Harry.

Happy Friday all! Go see Harry Potter, it’s amazing!


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