Favorites Friday: Old School

Happy Friday everyone! Although adult living means not having to go back-to-school shopping, I couldn’t help but reflect on school supplies of the past (and thanks to my inspiration for this entry, Delia’s Friday Question!). Although my brother and sister won’t be buying any of these things, these were definitely the business back in the day!

-Plastic Lunch Boxes with matching Thermos (elementary school)

I SO had this.

When I googled this for images, I almost died of excitement when I found the exact Beauty and Beast lunch set I used to have!! I remember in the winter, my dad would pack me a cup-a-noodle in my thermos and I always had a cute handwritten note from my Mom in it. Everyone had these chunky plastic lunch boxes with cartoon characters and it ROCKED.

– Pop Pencil Cases (elementary school)

Remember these?!?

I tried to explain these to Rob recently and he looked at me crazy. Does anyone remember these pencil cases in elementary school? You could get them at the Disney store or Sanrio store and they had a million compartments! I loved these things!

– Lisa Frank (elementary school)

Definitely had this bad boy

ANYTHING with neon colors and animals. Binders, folders, notebooks, pens, pencils, anything with Lisa Frank design on it was the BOMB. I would go to Target every September and buy every variation of animal in the notebook or folder form. Lisa Frank was the BUSINESS.

– Jelly Roll Gel Pens (middle school)

Glittery gel pens were highly sought over

Gel Pens completely overtook the pen world when I was in middle school. Back then, when texting didn’t exist (GASP) we actually wrote notes by hand. And even though you literally sat next to your friend in class, writing notes with gel pens was the thing to do. I actually still have a ton of these prehistoric handwritten notes dating all the way back to middle school and in that respect, texting can suck it!

– Erasable Pens (middle school)

Who didn't have these?!?

In middle school, erasable pens were invented and everyone had to have them. Brilliant idea really, most teachers required that we write in pen but white out was such a pain! The best part about these pens is that they didn’t actually work that well. Everyone would have streaks across their homework where the ink would smidge and when you erased, it would leave streaks of ink lightly in the background. But we loved them anyways.

I hope you enjoyed my trip down memory lane because I sure did. Happy Back to School for all you students out there!

Have a fab weekend readers!


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