Favorites Friday: Must See TV

Since fall also marks the beginning of an enormously impacted TV schedule, I figured I would review a few new shows I’ve caught. And in case you decide that statement makes you want to stop reading, I promise one of them isn’t Jersey Shore.

Favorites Friday: Must See TV

New Girl

1. New Girl: On Fox at 9:00 pm , following Glee on Tuesday nights is a new show starring Zoey Deschanel. While Deschanel does everything in her power to create the MOST awkward character ever known to man (which some with find endearing while others find infuriating), her male counterparts play a wonderful role of the man perspective. Surprisingly, it’s a crowd pleasure for both Rob (manly man, Sons of Anarchy lover) and I (Glee loving romantic). Best feature: The Douchebag jar


2. Workaholics – One of my new favorite shows is on Comedy Central, Tuesdays at 10:30 pm. Workaholics is comedic genuis, half lewd inappropriate jokes and half intensely hilarious characters put in ridiculous situations. While it is on its 2nd season, I’m on a personal mission to increase its viewership because the world would be a sad sad place without it. I wouldn’t recommend it for younger audiences because the content, language and constant state of being high makes the characters hard to explain  Best feature: A pretentious character named “Ders” short for “Anders” (prounounced Ahn-ders).

2 Broke Girls

3. 2 Broke Girls – Mondays 8:30 on CBS is a new comedy starring Kat Dennings as a sarcastic, tough girl in New York. Being a fan of Dennings since Nick and Nora’s Infinite Playlist, I was pleased to find her playing nearly the exact same character. The show features an ex-billionare’s daughter who works with Dennings in a disgusting diner, the epitome of Valley Girl meets New York hoodrat. Overall, a funny show and worth the watch. Best Feature: Dennings sarcasm paired with her TV-boyfriend’s rock hard abs.

4. Up all Night- Wednesdays at 10:00 pm on NBC is a quirky comedy starring Christina Applegate and Will Arnett. If you’re a fan of Will Arnett’s humor, then this show is completely for you. It follows working mom, Christina Applegate (who works for  an Oprah-esque character played by Maya Rudolph) and stay at home dad, Will Arnett. It’s oddly refreshing to see a TV show of 2 parents who have absolutely no clue what they’re doing (think the exact OPPOSITE of 7th Heaven parents) and it’s sure to make you chuckle a few times. Best Feature: Maya Rudolph as “Oprah”

5. Lastly a short list of the shows that aren’t new but I can’t live without: Modern Family, Glee, Gossip Girl, Suits and Sons of Anarchy (Rob’s fav show).

Any shows you recommend?

Happy Friday readers!!!


Thank you so much for commenting! I read ALL comments and I truly treasure every single one! :)

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