In true October fashion, I rise from the dead. The blogging dead, that is. I won’t even make an excuse for my week+ hiatus, let’s just move forward and I’ll slap myself on the wrist for all of you.

So I contemplated not sharing this on the blog because it’s embarrassing to share good news and then to have to tell people that something didn’t pan out. But since most of my readers are close friends, I decided being embarrassed in front of you wouldn’t be so bad.

From the amazing blog: Tours Departing Daily

So my story begins in September when I decided I would apply to be a panelist on the Walt Disney World Moms Panel. The Disney Moms Panel is a forum located on the Walt Disney World website where a group of knowledgeable individuals (mostly moms but there are dads and aunts!) answer any questions that people have regarding Walt Disney World. People can ask virtually anything, ranging from hotel recommendations to activities at the theme parks. When I scoured the Moms Panel website in August to plan our Disney World getaway, I instantly knew I would love to do what they do! Come September 16, when applications opened up I didn’t hesitate to apply (literally I applied as quickly as possible, they cap the number of applications they take at 20,000!) I thought my chances were pretty steep but I figured I would at least give it a shot. (And no, it’s not a requirement to be a Mom in order to be on the panel.)

Fast forward to this weekend and I let out an audible shriek when my inbox has an e-mail saying: “Congratulations! You’ve made it to Round 2!” Since I’d applied nearly a month ago, I’d cast off the idea of being selected to go to the next round. As I scoured the net for information, I found many individuals who made it to Round 2 and many who did not. Plenty of moms have applied for the last 4 years and never made it past the 1st round. It’s rumored that of the 20,000 that apply, roughly 150-250 get selected to move on to the next round. I was ECSTATIC! The 2nd Round consists of 3 100–word essay questions and a 60 second video of yourself describing your favorite Disney memory. I’m excited to put forth my entry and I know I have great ideas for what I want to say.

When I decided to apply in September, I felt like although my chances of being chosen were slim, I  fit a niche that the Panel doesn’t currently fill. True,  I don’t have kids but I myself grew up at Disneyland and I could probably walk around there with my eyes closed. I’m also incredibly knowledgeable about the less family friendly side of Disneyland like where they serve the best margaritas in California Adventure or the best bars in Downtown Disney. Disneyland is great for families but it’s equally as good for a romantic trip for couples or a weekend getaway with your college friends. This point of view could really benefit the Disney Moms Panel and I hope I get to showcase that. But that being said, it is a “Moms” blog and based on the panelists they currently have (who all look like wonderful parents to multiple children), I wouldn’t say I fit the bill. But who knows, anything could happen? Cross your fingers for me!

While I don’t think I’ll be chosen in the end, I’m so excited that out of 20,000 applicants, I ended up being a semi-finalist! I’m pretty sure I’ll apply every year that I can, until they finally tell me that they won’t hire a crazy old bat like myself. Here’s to wishing!

And all this time spent on applying/researching  for this, I haven’t even touched my grad school apps. Clearly I have my priorities in line.


One thought on “Wishing

  1. LOL. Only you Roomsky.. only you… You are the only person I know who’s ready to be a Disney Mom even before marriage and kids. Love you!

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