Halloween, don’t hate.

So Halloween is upon us and I have to say, growing up it was one of my favorite holidays. That being said, it’s a HOLIDAY. As a kid, Halloween was picking the perfect costume, getting to stay up late and eating a bunch of candy. As a semi-adult, Halloween signified the best costume party of the year and a reason to celebrate with friends. A day of merriment, joy or just something out of the ordinary. Why some people have such a disdain for Halloween is beyond me? If you don’t like it, just don’t celebrate it.

Hiiiiilarious! Brilliant costume

I’m not saying everyone should love Halloween. I get it, some people don’t like excessive candy giving or don’t want to spend money or time on a costume. I’m sure dentists have a rather love hate relationship with this holiday. But hey, for the rest of the world that loves Halloween, let us celebrate in peace! Whether you’re trick or treating with kids, going to a costume party or even just a fan of a good pumpkin patch, Halloween can be fun for anyone. One of my favorite things to do is peruse the net for funny Halloween costumes. People get so creative and I can’t wait to have kids to see what I come up with. But for those of you who think of Halloween as a “pagan” holiday, it clearly has so little to do with that in today’s society. No, wearing a costume or celebrating Halloween doesn’t give me urges to become evil. All the witch decorations won’t sway me to become a Wiccan. It’s just a day to pay dress up and do something fun.

Halloween 2K11- Fireman, Burn Victim and LMFAO?

The comment that irks me the most about Halloween is from people on facebook who complain that its just an excuse for girls to dress “slutty”.  The point of Halloween is the ability to change your appearance, if you want to. If women feel comfortable and confident showing off a little more skin on Halloween, who does it really hurt? And don’t say the children because if you are toting your children around areas where women are scantily clad on Halloween, that’s your bad. And sure,  I defend this stance because I love getting dressed up for Halloween, sometimes in costumes that I know my 40 year old self will not be caught dead in. So sue me, for enjoying the few remaining years of my youthful appearance and having a great time doing it. It’s Halloween, it’s not like I’m wearing a bikini to Christmas (which for the record would be HILAROUS and inappropriate).

Halloween gets a bad rap from all those haters out there but for all of us Halloween lovers, young and old, celebrate on my friends!


Thank you so much for commenting! I read ALL comments and I truly treasure every single one! :)

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