Simply Crafty: Chalked hair

Since its conception, I’ve been an avid reader of The Beauty Department for their all around beauty tips, nail tutorials and hair advice.

When I saw this Chalk It Up blog post back in February, I instantly added it to my to-do list. This weekend, my family spent sunny days out on the baseball fields so it was time to layer up on sunscreen and give hair chalk a shot.


We bought this Loew and Cornell Chalk Pastel kit at Jo-Anns for $3 because the packaging was semi open and many of the sticks were partially broken. Considering it gave us 52 different colors of chalk, it was a steal! The Beauty Department recommends using soft pastels but chalk pastels worked just fine for us (whatever you do, don’t put oil pastels in your hair!)

Hair Chalk

Chalking your hair works best with updos or braids rather than just free flowing hair. We did a messy french braid in my sister’s newly layered hair (hence the flyaways) and picked a vibrant blue, purple and pink. We dipped the chalk in a small amount of water to bring out the pigment since she has dark brown hair (If you have blonde hair, do NOT wet the chalk!). Move the chalk against the hair, applying pressure to release pigment.


The finished product! A cute addition to any summer outfit.

To take out color, brush out as much of the chalk as you can, before hopping into the shower (if you brush vigorously, most if not all should come out). The Beauty Department recommends a clarifying shampoo and a good conditioning treatment to replenish the moisture in your hair (My sister just took a normal shower with a little extra conditioner and reported great results).

My brother’s team won their tournament after he pitched 6 innings with nearly all strike outs! He is such a super star and I couldn’t be more proud.



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