Simply Crafty : Animal Print Jewelry Board

Animal Print Jewelry Board

Weeks ago, I settled on the fact my room needed to be redecorated. The perfect place to start was my small jewelry corner because I’ve been acquiring accessories at an alarming rate since I discovered Denios’, a local flea market (more on that in the coming weeks!). Anyways, I picked up a lovely sized cork board for $3 at Denios two weekends ago and decided it was time to get down to business.

I’ve long been doing cheetah print on my nails when I realized that it would be a great print to put on a jewelry board. I bought a few supplies at Jo-Anns crafts, including a white, black, mint green and Tiffany blue colored acrylic paints. I started off by painting the frame completely white, which was the easy part. I touched the cork with my white paint brush more often than I can count so I ended up painting the entire cork a rich brown color (similar to the color of cork naturally, just a smidge darker) which added another hour to the drying time. Then I started in on the frame with making random circular splotches with the mint green color, sporadically spread throughout the frame. Then simply draw messy parentheses around all the colored splotches and spread out a few random black dots to add more dimension.

Lastly, just for fun, I painted multicolored push-pins with the Tiffany Blue color. Ta-da!


The Finished Product (Cord board $3 from flea market,Paints $4, Ribbon $3)

At Jo-Anns I also bought thick opaque teal-colored ribbon to hang my earrings on. My roommate in college, Katie showed me this trick for earring organization and I’ve been doing it ever since!!

For my next animal print project, I’ll make sure to take some process pictures to show you in more detail how it’s done.

Also I’ve joined Bloglovin, which is an amazing website that acts as a one stop shop to read all your favorite blogs in one place. I love having followers on WordPress but if you have a Bloglovin, find me by searching Simply Evani!



6 thoughts on “Simply Crafty : Animal Print Jewelry Board

  1. Oh my goodness, Ev! I am obsessed! That is seriously the cutest thing ever (and so you). And if I may add, I’m super excited to read your blog on Denios hehe

    Love you!

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