Simply Obsessing: Hunger Games

So lesson #1 about me: I have an obsessive personality. When I love something, I LOVE it. When it comes to items I love, I want to own 5 of them.  True life examples:

– I “accidentally” go to Disneyland 3-4 times a year. It’s almost like an itch I can’t scratch, I love it there! We’re finally considering a season pass…
– I buy nearly all pairs of shoes in pairs. Not just a pair of shoes, I mean I buy 2 pairs of shoes at a time (sometimes the same pair in different colors).
– Every Harry Potter novel release required that I lock myself in my room with only water and refuse to leave until the novel was finished (bathroom breaks were allowed, food was not).

Speaking of Harry Potter, the ending of the series was hard on me. Wearing those 3D Harry Potter glasses for the final movie was among my highlights of 2011 (Sad? Maybe. Haha)  Stumbling upon the Hunger Games was the perfect way to rebound from that relationship. Fast forward to today and my sweet boyfriend used our Christmas movie vouchers to pre-order our Hunger Games midnight tickets. Sure, I have work in the morning but I can sleep when I’m dead. I can’t wait!

Below is the outfit I imagine Katniss wore into the arena (I threw in some amazing Alexander Wang sunglasses, they clearly left out of the novel) and approved Hunger Games memorabilia.

 1. American Apparel/ 2. CafePress/ 3. Etsy/4. Asos/ 5. Zappos/ 6. Asos

And for even more overzealous fans, here’s a great link to a blog that teaches us how to do the Katniss braid.

If you haven’t read the Hunger Games, I recommend that you do! It’s got enough action for the men but enough romance for the women. 🙂

I’m so excited! Leave me a comment just for fun!



9 thoughts on “Simply Obsessing: Hunger Games

    • Hi Jeyna! I thought so too. Not sure if this is what Katniss will be wearing into the arena but its a fun outfit regardless. Thanks for stopping by! 🙂


  1. Obsessive? How about 3-5 pairs of UCD sweatpants? All in different colors hehe
    If there’s ever a time for me to jump on any bandwagon, it might be this. For the first time, I’m actually okay with jumping on a bandwagon! Wa-hoo! I’m planning to make this my next read 🙂

    • Eva,
      Bahaha those sweatpants. I mean they were so cheap! And YES read the Hunger Games, I recommend it highly!! Thanks for always dropping me a comment 🙂


    • Katrine,
      You have to read it!! Haha it’s such a good read, enough fiction to make it interesting but with a little bit of social commentary thrown in the mix. Put it on your reading list!

      Thanks for stopping by again!

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