Friday Funday : Fly, DIYs & Hunger Games

Happy Friday everyone!

Spoiler Alert: I will be sharing some of my Hunger Games thoughts at the bottom of the post so feel free to read on until then, but stop at the Hunger Games picture if you don’t want any spoilers!!

I am absolutely addicted to OPI nail polish. I picked up my newest love last week and it’s become one of my new favorite colors! Its OPI’s Fly from the Nicki Minaj collection. Random fact about me #2: Teal is my ABSOLUTE favorite color!

I’ve also been a fan of the nude nail polish look and Samoan Sand is the perfect tan. It takes a few coats to get it to past being opaque but it’s worth it!

You know I love that cheetah print.

Some DIY Inspiration for the weekend

Amazing DIY for tassel earrings! (Kat has even checked out this blog a few times! 🙂 )

This is such a cute hair piece!

Dip dye shirt? Yes please!

This is sheer BRILLIANCE. Cookie cutter = Cuff?


** If you don’t want to know ANYTHING about the movie, I suggest you stop reading now!

So I went to the midnight showing of the Hunger Games yesterday and here are my thoughts:

– The casting was spot on. Unlike Twilight (Kristin Stewart, BARF) Jennifer Lawrence played a dead on Katniss. I was apprehensive about who they chose for Peeta (Josh Hutcherson) but he ended up being perfect. And c’mon, when is Liam Hemsworth ever a mistake? Stanley Tucci also rocked it. Oh and Lenny Kravitz, dead on Cinna.
–  The action scenes in the arena and the political story lines were well represented. Very accurate to the book.
–  Rue’s funeral scene was everything and more.
–  Everything in the arena was fairly accurate to the book, I especially loved the way they projected the images into the sky when tributes died.
– They cut to a visual of Gale at the perfect moments (i.e. when Katniss and Peeta first kiss)

– By far, my biggest bone to pick with the movie is that the entire strategy between Haymitch and Katniss in the arena is GONE. In the movie, all the gifts from the sponsors have little notes attached to them instead of Katniss “interpreting” the Haymitch’s intentions behind the gifts. Hence, at the end there’s no blowout on the train with Peeta realizing that the romance was part of an unspoken strategy between Haymitch and Katniss.
– I found that Katniss’ time in the arena was downplayed by that fact that we couldn’t hear any of her inner thoughts (which i know would have been near impossible to do). Unless she was interacting with a tribute, the audience didn’t get any of what Katniss was thinking in the arena.
– Not enough romance!! I mean my favorite line from the Hunger Games is when Peeta says “She has no idea, the effect she can have” and it wasn’t in there at all. Granted there’s one scene in the cave that was so lovely but other than that, I feel like they really downplayed the romance aspect. I mean I didn’t see enough of the struggle Katniss had in loving Peeta.

Overall, novel readers MAY be a little disappointed but overall a good adaptation of the overall story. In terms of a movie, I’d give it an 9/10. Based on its closeness to the book, I’d give it a 7/10.

What did you think? I’m dyyyyying to talk Hunger Games with fellow fans!



5 thoughts on “Friday Funday : Fly, DIYs & Hunger Games

  1. girl, i am WITH you on the Hunger Games. During my down time at work, or in between cases, I would be there in the corner learning how to french braid my hair. Hahahah… I’m crazy. Anyways, I am super happy with the cast that they chose and I really do wish they had more romance between Kat & Peeta. But I guess they really wanted the action in the Arena. But I was really happy on what they did with the death of Rue. I shed a tear (both book & movie). Even my boyfriend who has never even heard about HG until I kept on bugging him about it thinks the movie was great (he didn’t read the book, but ended up wiki-ing all 3 of them *smh*). Overall the trilogy was great. I didn’t bother to read nor watch Twilight (not a fan), but I am superfan of the Hunger Games. I really can’t wait for Catching Fire & Mockingjay (esp this book!) to be out in the movies!


    • Yay! So happy to hear another Hunger Games lover agreed! So many people were completely in love with the movie that I was thinking “Is it me?” but overall it was a good movie, just not entirely everything I wanted. I’m so excited to see the next ones too! Thanks for stopping by my blog!!


  2. I watched the movie, before I read the books. The movie made me by the books. The books were EEEXXXXCEEELLLLLLLEEEENNNNNTTTT there aren’t enough ways for me to express how much I enjoyed the Hunger Games books.

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