Just What the Doctor Ordered…

Happy Monday readers!

I had such a wonderful weekend that was desperately necessary after the rough couple of weeks I’ve been having. We celebrated 1 of my best friend’s birthdays (Happy Birthday Auva babe!), took my wonderful boyfriend to a movie (after he barbecued dinner and washed my car!), had a sunny brunch with my old friend Sam and relaxed with my family. I have to confess, I did absolutely no projects this weekend but there are definitely some coming soon! For now, settle for some of my weekend iPhoneography:

 My perfect Saturday afternoon: Sun, a porch swing and a glass of moscato.

Toy Story clouds right?

I love bread. And olive oil.

Gemelli Spinacini from Paesanos – Bacon, Spinach and Pasta, what more could you want?

An incredible Saturday sunset – Sacramento sky

Definitely one of those weekends that are just what the doctor ordered!

I’ve been having major bloggers block and part of it is that I’ve been on a roller coaster of emotions lately. For those of you who didn’t know, I gave Facebook up for Lent and have discovered that it’s absence from my life for 40 days has been a blessing. I spent wayyyy too much time on it, sizing myself up with others (I’m competitive by nature, what can I say?) and generally feeling inadequate. As embarrassing as it is to admit that social media affects me that way, I’ve mentioned it to a few friends and it seems like other people feel that way too. Because Facebook is so deeply ingrained in society (they now own my fav app Instagram) I don’t think deactivation is necessary but I think I’ll only be logging in to plug my newest blog entry, check messages or events (aka no Timeline stalking for me!). Here’s to making choices to actively shape your own happiness *imaginary glass clinking together*

And for those of you having a hard week, remember to give your heart a break once in awhile. Loving this new hit! (Click on the link below)

Demi Lovato – Give Your Heart a Break




6 thoughts on “Just What the Doctor Ordered…

  1. Great for you Evani! It is so important to take active choices on things that shape our lifes that profusely. My Iphone got stolen in Paris, and i decided to take some time without a cell so today is the first day in two weeks that i had one. I have been loving not being connected all the time, It was like a mini vaca. But i guess it was time to return to life in the 20century.. But i def did learn that it doesnt have to be glued to my hand at all times..

    By the way, that bread looks amaziiiing!!!! did you make it?

    Love K

    • Hi Katrine,
      I’m so bummed to hear that your iPhone got stolen in Paris!! 😦 Yea, I think every once in awhile it’s nice to just power down our devices and live in real time. And unfortunately I did not make the bread, I got it as an appetizer at a restaurant and it was delicious!! Thanks again for stopping by!

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