Simply Obsessing: Michael Kors

Happy Friday readers!

My obsession with Michael Kors is a late blooming one. For years, I watched him on America’s Next Top Model and loved him as a judge but my obsession with his products began last year with my first purchase of this bad boy in the luggage color. What wins me over the high price tag is the high quality leather and endless inside pockets of his purses. One of my best friends Vicky is the  one who got me hooked and I haven’t looked back since! I’ve been dying over all the lovely things that Michael Kors makes lately so I thought this entry was fitting.


I can tell you from experience the Michael Kors Large Hamilton bag (#4) and the Essential zip IPhone wristlet (#5) are absolute must haves! A bag like Hamilton (and yes, I actually call my purse Hamilton) never goes out of style, it’ll be classic for years to come. I actually got this IPhone wristlet for Christmas but I wanted the capabilities to pull my phone in and out easily to snap photos so I exchanged it for the essential zip instead. It’s perfect for going out AND for easy accessibility for those of us photo-happy people.

Instagram Blog Hop

This week I decided to take place in a few linky parties, including this Instagram blog hop with the wonderful blogs of Let it be BeautifulThe Pink Elephant and A Night Owl. It’s supposed to happen on Tuesdays but I missed this Tuesday so I thought I would do it today!

Click on the button below to participate and join in!

I’m so obsessed with Instagram and the simple but amazing photo editing capabilities it gives users.  And yes, Dive Bar in Sacramento legitimately pays people to dress as mermaids to swim in the pool above their bar! Also, if you ever happen by Sacramento, stop at Leatherbys and have a caramel sundae. It will rock your world.
If you have Instagram, find me @EGatsby88!

Lastly, I’m not a public person when it comes to deeply personal things but my Grandma is in the hospital and we could really use any and all prayers to help her get through. I’m the type of person to usually close up when it comes to things that are hard for me but I know she could use all the good thoughts and prayers she can get. Thank you.

Have a good weekend readers!


18 thoughts on “Simply Obsessing: Michael Kors

  1. thanks for joining the blog hop and for the shoutout! i also have a budding obsession with MK, i just got a gorgeous new MK watch for mother’s day! and i LOVE it! glad we’ve connect on IG now, i’m also following ya back on bloglovin’.


    • Hey Kimberly, I was happy to join the blog hop with such lovely blogs hosting! Which MK watch did you get?? I love their watches so much, they’re beautiful! Thanks for following too 🙂

  2. First, I definitely blame Vicky for this obsession…
    Secondly, I’m definitely praying for your grandma. She’s a stong woman, so I know she’ll b fine
    I love you

  3. Praying for your grandma 🙂 and i will try to try out Leatherbys when I’m in Sac for the Color Run 🙂

    • Thank you Rima, I really appreciate the prayers. And YES Leatherbys post-running is probably the best idea I’ve ever heard. Make sure to get caramel, theirs is UNREAL!

    • Thank you Emily!! She’s doing much better and I’m sure its because everyone’s good thoughts have reached her! 🙂 Michael Kors is so EASY to obsess over right? I appreciate the comment a lot!

    • Thanks Shannon! I’m such a fan of Shannon Hearts so I really appreciate you dropping by. Isn’t the pink clutch a must have?! Michael Kors is KING. haha

    • Thank you for the sentiments, she’s definitely on her way to recovery which is amazing news! And I’m determined to own that watch before the end of the year, it’s too beautiful. Thanks for stopping by and leaving such a sweet comment. 🙂

    • I know what you mean Sandy, what girl doesn’t need a little arm bling from MK?! It would go so well with some of the outfits on your blog ;). Thanks for stopping by!!


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