Simply Traveling : Southern California

Happy Friday readers!

So I was having a mild panic attack yesterday about my lack of preparation with our coming vacation and the fact I didn’t have every second planned out and everything ready. Yes, you can gasp in surprise, I AM an A-type personality. I tried with all my might to get a REAL entry done for today but I ended up feeling overwhelmed with preparations for Saturday morning. So here is proof of my insanity, this is everything I need to get done TODAY (did I also mention what a huge procrastinator I am?)

So I have these dreams of being BFF with Joy Cho of Oh Joy, Bri Emery of DesignLovefest and Bonnie Tsang of Bonnie Tsang Blog because they are blogging goddesses and they are ALWAYS instagramming amazing food from LA. I found most of the LA foodie destinations on our list via Joy in this blog entry: Top 20 bites of 2011 in LA.

We’ll be gone until a week from today! Are there any other recommendations you have for LA? Any good craft/paper/vintage stores you recommend?

I take so many trips that I’m thinking of making a re-usable packing list, so maybe that’ll show up on my blog in the near future!

Winner Winner, Chicken Dinner

Also shout out to Katrine over at Make it & Fake it! I won a giveaway over at her amazing DIY site and I can’t wait to receive my Swarovoksi elements style magazine! I’ll be crafting it up once I get it, thats for sure.

Thanks Katrine!!

Here are some Weekend reading/DIYs:

Make a cropped knit via Harpers Bazaar and A Pair & A Spare.

Diggin the blog Penny Chic by Shauna, love the styling of this Convertible shirt.

Because you know I love anything in the teal color palette.

For an easy laugh.

And a parting print for the weekend. My life relates to this SO much lately.

Source unknown 😦 I found it on a tumblr but if anyone knows where this is from, let me know! I’d love to credit it.

Happy Memorial Day Weekend everyone!


12 thoughts on “Simply Traveling : Southern California

  1. we will both be on vacation at the same time! \o/ (but your destinations are more fun!) you should totally create a re-usable packing list and share it here (so I could also use it, I ALWAYS forget something and pack at the last minute). 😛
    I love what you won!

    • Thanks Masa!! I hope you enjoy your vacation as much as I’m enjoying mine!! I’ll definitely have to make that reusable packing list soon, thanks for encouraging me!

  2. gurl, if you have time, try The Father’s Office, it’s near Culver City… You gotta try their The Office Burger with Sweet Potato Fries. OH and there’s Umami Burger too in Costa Mesa, and also try Bruxie Waffles in Brea or Orange (both are near Anaheim). Bottega is A MUST (Macarons!!! And MUST TRY THEIR CHOCOLATE SOUFFLEEEE); Slaters 50/50 has amazing Burgers too (you can create your own burger!! Anaheim Hills & Huntington Beach). If you are heading towards Inland Empires (where I live), try The Back Abbey in Claremont and try their Backyard Burger. I am a HUGE burger and beer girl. Haha… Have fun here in SoCal. It’s pretty gloomy today. Weird.

    • Omg Rima, this is AMAZING. I love this great list. I will definitely try to squeeze in at least a few of these and I love the fact you’re a burger and beer girl!! I totally am too. Thanks for such great suggestions!

    • Tell me about it Ashley, Disneyland is totally an itch I can’t scratch, I always wanna go. Hence our annual passes this year! Hope you make it down south sometime soon 🙂 I’ll post pics soon to feed the fire too!

  3. Did you already do all your L.A. traveling this weekend? I recommend Larchmont Bungalow for foods (in Larchmont Village, West Hollywood-ish, zip code is 90004) and if you’re looking for vintage goodies, I also recommend the Melrose Trading Post at Fairfax High School on Sundays! YAY!

    • Hey Emily, yea we already did our share of LA but since we got annual passes, we’re sure to come back! I’ll definitely have to hit up the Melrose Trading Post next time we head down there! Thanks for the recommendations 🙂

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