Simply Disney: What to Bring to Disneyland

Happy Monday readers!

Vacation so far has been incredible (Santa Barbara is like California’s version of heaven) but I’ll share pictures and stories about SB when we get home. Since we’re headed to Disneyland tomorrow, I thought it’d be fun to share my must-haves for a day at the Happiest Place on Earth (Take it from someone who goes 1-5 times a year) ! Introducing my newest segment:

Waterbottle/Sunglasses/Sweater/Ring /Hat/Clinique/Rainbows

7 things you need for a great day at the park in warm weather:

– A Light Sweater – You need one you can bother carrying all day but perfect for the occasionally cold Anaheim nights.

– Comfortable Shoes – I love the comfort my broken-in Rainbow flip flops but others might suggest running shoes or something with a thick sole since you do a ton of standing/walking.

– Disney Swag – This 7 dwarfs ring is AMAZING. But a simple red minnie bow or sweet Mickey ears count too. Or get a free pin at City Hall if you’re celebrating something! *Free alert*

– Refillable Waterbottle – As everyone knows Disneyland is expensive. Drinking free water from the restaurants or water fountains can save a pretty penny!

– Sunglasses – In the Southern California sun, sunglasses are just as functional as they are stylish.

– Sunblock – I’m Filipino so I rarely EVER burn but the only place in my life I have burned is at Disneyland when my nose peeled for 2 weeks straight. I cannot live through summer or Disneyland without my Clinique Cityblock!

– Hat – Any hat will do but make sure you feel comfortable sticking it in a ride’s tiny velcro bag if you plan on going on rides like Space Moutain or Screamin California.

There are plenty more extras to bring to enhance your visit (snacks, a change of clothes, a million dollars) but my list covers the bare necessities! I can’t wait to snap some photos at Disneyland tomorrow so follow me on instagram (Egatsby88) or Twitter (SimplyEvani) to follow along! 🙂

Happy Memorial Day everyone! Take a moment to thank any and all armed forces for their service to our country!


11 thoughts on “Simply Disney: What to Bring to Disneyland

  1. girl, i’m gonna add your instagram. if only i’m available tomorrow, i would go to dLand. Haha. Make sure you get the Minnie Mouse Apron skirt for some baking fun. My usual clothes for dland: a Disney character shirt, a hoodie (yes for those cold nights and indoor rides), leggings or shorts, sunblock, a hat, a Disney Character Hat/Ears, iphone/camera, water bottle, flipflops. Have fun tomorrow, girl!

    • I’m so excited to follow you and have you following me on instagram! 🙂 I want that Minnie Apron so bad and I love your list for Disneyland too! I love all your comments Rima, we’ll have to do a Disneyland meet up sometime this year 🙂

  2. So disappointed that we will be there a month too soon. Everything looks awmosee and I really wish we would have been able to make it for the opening. As my wife keeps saying it’s just another reason we will have to plan to go back.

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