Simply Baking: Chocolate Chip Caramel Bars

Happy Tuesday everybody!

So last Saturday was baking-palooza for my sister and I and one of the recipes on Pinterest we decided to try was Two Peas & Their Pod’s Chocolate Chip Salted Caramel Cookie Bars.

We already had all the baking ingredients the recipe needed except for the caramel squares and heavy whipping cream. The main deviations we took from the recipe included using normal brown sugar (instead to light brown sugar) and inaccurate measurements of butter (Much to my dismay, we were out of butter bars with the nice measurement lines so I used a tablespoon and hacked it out of an abnormally large chunk of butter we had for when my Dad makes massive servings of mashed potatoes). Moral of the story, not sure how accurate my hack job was…

But we took these to my brother’s team party and they were swooped up in a manner of minutes with pre-teen boys grunting in approval.

Overall, I wasn’t thrilled with the way ours came out because they were crumbly and a bit dry. I can only assume that is due to our odd butter measurement methods and possibly the brown sugar.  But honestly, everyone who ate them was impressed and I’d definitely try this recipe again but with more precise butter calculations. The sea salt is such a nice touch to the taste of these bars too. 

I’d be really interested to see how they turn out for you if you choose to make them, so let me know! Make sure to check out the amazing food blog of Two Peas & Their Pod for more incredible recipes (especially if you can follow the recipes better than I can 😀 lol).

Movin’ on up

Last but not least, I was feelin sorta down last night so I did what any normal person would do: Bought myself the new MacBook Pro! While I admit I am an emotional shopper/eater/etc, I’ve been contemplating the Pro for about 6 months now and I finally worked up the courage to do it. I was set on getting it on a simple $100/month payment plan but I found out their financing is basically opening a credit card. I’m deathly afraid of opening any more credit lines so I dipped into the honey jar of my savings and left a happy woman.

Welcome home baby!

I haven’t had a laptop since sophomore year of college and I’ve been doing all my blog work on an old model desktop (imagine the obscenities I used when Internet Explorer froze at least once an hour). Now for the important question: Fellow Bloggers with a Mac – What program do you use for photo editing? Is Photoshop Elements 10 enough? Should I at least swing for the CS6 student version? I might have a panic attack if I need the $649 Photoshop CS6. Also, share some Mac tips with this newbie, I’ve been Windows all my life! I’m excited for what a functioning laptop will do for Simply Evani and I hope you continue to follow along!

Have a great day everyone!


29 thoughts on “Simply Baking: Chocolate Chip Caramel Bars

    • Yea, I spent a million dollars again. And I have a Michael Kors clutch that I’m hanging onto for dear life. I wish you just followed me around telling me not to spend. Bah but I love them both!

  1. it took me some good 2 months to finally get used to MacBook. And I still use Photoshop as always. Welcome. You’ll be a Mac girl forever.

    • Which version of Photoshop? I can’t freakin afford the real Photoshop, I mean I just dropped ALL that money on the laptop! Lol. I’m thinking I’m gonna get Photoshop elements, I tested it last night and it does everything I need so far but I’m nervous about wanting more later! Fill me in girl!

  2. The baked goods look delicious, I’m sure they tasted yummy despite the fact you weren’t completely satisfied with them. I wish I had baking skills, the only thing I can manage is cake mix, and even then, it’s not that great :p Yay for your shiny new laptop! I haven’t used a desktop for my personal computer for years. I recently bought an iPad so I’m slowly converting to Apple products, though I still don’t think I could manage a computer (I’m hopeless with their operating system lol).

    • Thanks for the baking compliments, it’s seriously been years in the making! I’ve never been a “recipe” girl so obviously I’m still learning (i.e. the butter mishap!). And I love my new Mac, its everything I dreamed of! There is definitely a learning curve though and the operating system is tricky but it’s SO much more efficient than Microsoft. And I LOVE the iPad, I bought Rob one for his birthday and he’s obsessed. I kinda wish the macbook pro and the ipad had a baby together and made the pro’s screen touchscreen… haha

Thank you so much for commenting! I read ALL comments and I truly treasure every single one! :)

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