Current Crush Thursdays: Ring Party

Happy Tuesday readers!

I’ve barely jumped on the accessorizing train and last but not least, has come the rings! I honestly never thought I could wear rings because I have kinda stubby fingers (curse you genes!) but with the increase in adjustable rings, now everyone can enjoy! Here are some rings that are too fun not to share:

Starfish $34/ Mustache $28/ Teal $6/ Stacked Spikes $3/ Peach $9/ SLR $10/ Feather $13/Thin Stacking $25

Any that you like?! The thin stacking rings are super in right now and so are spiked anything! I cannot get over that mustache ring, it kills me. And I’m madly in love with the Etsy store Jewelsalem, their jewelry is so affordable!  Any ring trends you’re totally loving?

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Close but no cigar

I don’t want to say too much because I might jinx myself but I’ve won a few radio contests in my life. In Sacramento, a local station called 107.9 hosts a summer concert called Endfest. On the drive home, I heard the cue to call and I made it through 3 separate times to attempt to be called 107. On my last call, I hear one of my favorite 107.9 Djs Chris K say “You’re caller 106!” and we ended up having this funny exchange about how bummed I was. Then I tweeted about it and Chris K tweeted me back! I’m not gonna lie, I was excited. And I totally missed myself on air because I immediately called Rob to tell him about it!

(Sidenote: @EGatsby88 is my personal twitter, so I don’t flood @SimplyEvani with my senseless babble)

Anyhoot, I’m gonna keep trying to win those tickets for my sister and I!

Hope you have a wonderful day-before-Friday!


35 thoughts on “Current Crush Thursdays: Ring Party

    • Aren’t they cute?! Yea, it was a slow start for me too! I just didn’t have much time to accessorize when I already did my makeup and chose an outfit. Sigh, being a girl. Haha thanks for stopping by my blog, I liked visiting yours!

    • Lol I know what you mean Sandra, everything is so cute in theory but some things just don’t look the same on!! Thanks for stopping by and commenting girl!

    • Don’t you just want to snatch them all up Alexa?! Gah, the perils of shopping and blogging, it makes you want everything. Thanks for coming by and commenting!

    • Thanks for stopping by Susie! I just visited your blog and you have such amazing style and you’re gorgeous to boot! 🙂 I hope you stop by again soon.

    • Thanks for stopping by Net! I’m so flattered you’re a fan of Simply Evani. Thanks so much for posting me to your Facebook too, I appreciate all the love! I wish they showed the rings on hands too, it would make the most sense!! Can’t wait to share more with you over the blogosphere! 🙂

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