Me, Myself & I Link Up #1

Happy Tuesday loves!

So for the first time I decided to join the Me, Myself & I Link Up Party, where bloggers answer some questions about themselves! This is just what I needed because I know how badly my “About Me” tab needs major revamping…

Join in! 🙂

True life: I still cry when a needle approaches me. I am deathly, and I mean DEATHLY afraid of shots. And it’s not the pain of the shot I’m terrified of, it’s just an inexplicable feeling of anxiousness that comes with knowing a shot is coming. It can be as little as a TB test or a flu shot, either way I’m in hysterics for almost a half hour prior to the moment the needle is in me. I don’t have a fear of blood or needles either, its just needles approaching me that completely terrifies me. I know pregnancy is going to be miserable.

Oh wow, this question is HARD. I mean there are so many monumental days in my life so far: the day both my siblings were born, graduation (when my heel broke off) and even recently when my brother won state. But the night that sticks out most in this moment was senior year of high school, our football playoff game Sheldon vs. our rivals Elk Grove. Rob (who was just my “best friend” back then) was a captain for that game, playing starting O-line. It was SUCH a close game and in the last few seconds, Sheldon pulled out the most epic win. It’s like the feeling in the air was ELECTRIC that night, such joy and adrenaline everywhere. Everyone rushed the field cheering and I remember Rob coming straight to me and asked me out on our first date right then, standing on that field post victory. I’ll never forget us standing there hugging and just feeling like something big was happening. 6 years and 8 months later, I think it’s still one of my favorite memories of us together.

Truth be told, I think my favorite year so far was my 21st. It was the year I graduated college. It was the last year all my best friends would only be a 5 minute drive away. It was the year that recruitment fell on my birthday and my sorority played an inappropriate birthday song to me in front of our new members, which I laughed for days about. It was the year my roomy and I did house dinners and LOVED them. It was the last year I could go to Forever 21, spend all the money in my account and not worry about it. It was the year we cooked a full turkey for Thanksgiving for our friends. It was the year I could finally have a REAL drink, not made in a pitcher or giant cooler. It was the year of captaining a houseboat and Disneyland for spring break with my best friends.  It was the year I bought my first pet ever and loved him incessantly. Basically an all around GREAT year (clearly before adulthood happened lol)!

No one! I cringe at this question because I’m Pacific Islander and there’s like a grand total of 4 famous Pacific Islander celebrities in America (and unfortunately for me, I don’t look anything like Vanessa Minillo). But back in the day, a few people used to pay me the EXTREMELY high compliment of saying I looked like Kristin Kreuk from Smallville. I mean who doesn’t dream of looking like her?

Lol for the sake of laughing, I had to put this up. I mean if I were had a MUCH smaller and dainty face and if I were like 12 shades lighter and changed my bone structure, then MAYBE . But otherwise, those people were lying to me. Haha

Wow, this could go on forever but here are ones that would definitely be on there:

  • Backstreet Boys “As Long as You Love Me”
  • Jason Mraz and Colbie Calliat “Lucky”
  • Whitney Houston “How Will I Know”
  • The Script “Man Who Can’t Be Moved”
  • Journey “Don’t Stop Believing”
  • One Republic “Secrets”
  • Spice Girls “Wannabe”
  • John Lengend “Everybody Knows”

I hope you enjoyed learning more about me! 🙂

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29 thoughts on “Me, Myself & I Link Up #1

  1. You do look like Kristin Kreuk! My favorite feature of hers is her eyes, they are like, enchanting. Your eyes are just like hers! I’m also scared of needles, but more so when I’m getting my blood taken. I legit pass out every time.

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

  2. I love any girl who also loves the Spice Girls! THanks girl for linking up with us 🙂 And I too used to be afraid of needles, I’d faint every time but I’ve gotten over that now!

  3. I am deathly afraid of shots too – especially when it comes to taking blood. I actually had to get blood drawn for my annual physical (which was in September – I didn’t actually do this until March, case in point), and my husband came with me but the room was super small so he waited in the waiting room. When I came out with my “I Did Very Whale Sticker” (yep, I’m as cool as a 4 year old), he asked if I had been crying and hyperventilating – because he could HEAR me all the way in the waiting room! So embarrassing!

  4. i am the SAME WAY with shots and needles!! I nearly passed out at the vet’s office once when our dog was getting an IV put in. I go into hysterics when I’m faced with getting a shot. I needed to be prescribed a heavy sedative to just to have an IV put in for my wisdom teeth surgery this past April (I’m 28 yrs old, by the way).
    I TOTALLY understand how you feel. Glad I’m not the only one 🙂

    • Lol so glad we could bond over this girl! Seriously I am hysterical while waiting for any kind of needle prick. I would TOTALLY allow them to sedate me if and when I get a shot. I wish they would more often. Hahaha so what if that makes me sound crazy!

    • Haha thanks Stephanie, you all are being far too generous with your compliments! I’d love to read an entry on your blog getting to know you better! 😉

  5. You DO look like Kristin Kreuk ( I always wanted to be her!) the only thing different is your skin tone & your nose. But you have the same amazing eyes!

  6. ooo i want to try this link up. i’m currently looking for link ups for the days of the week and trying to commit to it (it’s even written down on my planner. haha)

  7. hi! im here via the linkup!

    at that angle, you really do look like smallville girl! & i LOVE all of your songs! lucky was one of my wedding songs =)

    new follower!

  8. You definitely look JUST like Kristin Kreuk! The day you want to relive sounds absolutely amazing and romantic! Thanks for linking up with us girl! xo

    • I hear you with the needles. They terrify me. I cried every time I had to get blood work for my pregnancy. It was all worth it in the end though 🙂

      Just found your blog on the Me, Myself and I Linky Party. New Follower 🙂

      The Pretty Pinhead

  9. Hehe, 2 things. “cooking turkey for all our friends” and “house dinners with your FAV roomy”

    21 was a pretty damn good year, my love!

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