Simply Baking: Red Velvet Cupcakes

Happy Hump Day ya’ll!

I’m trying to figure out if I can be the type of person to say ya’ll… In my mind, it’s super casual but you can tell me if I’m making a complete fool of myself (be honest! lol). Anyhoot, life is in complete overdrive lately and I’ve failed to mention that I will be on a plane to Utah on Monday night to meet up with my family for my brother’s Regional tournament! I’ve never been to Utah so if anyone has any travel or food recommendations, send them my way! We’ll be staying about 15 minutes away from Salt Lake City.

This weekend, I decided to try my hand at Red Velvet cupcakes. The recipe I followed was from the lovely blog Annie’s Eats and you can find it here.

So mine didn’t turn out as cute at the ones on Annie’s blog and I think it’s mostly because I’m afraid to add additional powdered sugar to firm up my frosting. The appeal behind cream cheese frosting is its moderately sweet nature so I may have skimped a little to cut down on the sugary taste.

Overall I recommend the recipe, it’s easy and they’re pretty good! I’m always open to try other recipes though, does anyone else have a fool-proof red velvet recipe?

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Happy Wednesday everyone! 


24 thoughts on “Simply Baking: Red Velvet Cupcakes

  1. I don’t eat dessert like this too often, but when I splurge, red velvet is one of my FAVORITES! These looked like they turned out so good 🙂 GO GIRL!


  2. Hey girl! OK two things… well 3, actually. One- I live in Salt Lake City (well, Taylorsville- it’s about 15 minutes from downtown). So much to do! There is a really good cafe called Cafe Trio downtown that’s my favorite, City Creek Center just opened up- it’s like an outdoor shopping center, it’s always fun to go to Park City and walk around and check out the shops, and if you like some night life the best place in my opinion is Keys on Main – it’s a fun little piano bar! Hope you have some fun! Two- I LOVE RED VELVET CUPCAKES! My favorite- and yours look pretty darn good 🙂 Three- I don’t know if you knew this, but I found several of your old comments in my Spam box today! 😦 I think Gmail is sending all the “noreply” emails there. If there is a way you can link up your email to your blog account you can avoid going to spam! Just a little FYI! Have a lovely rest of your day! xo

    • No super easy! I can’t believe you’ve never made cupcakes, they’re so quick. Well making the frosting is not so quick so maybe aim for store bought frosting if you want it to be short! 🙂

  3. applause! yum. My Red Velvet is well known amongst my friends and family (it involves wine in it haha), but one my fav is by Paula Deen, Queen of Butter. It’s on Food Channel’s website. That was my first batch and it was a great success. Yay.

    • Thank you! I’m just getting into cupcake decorating and I feel so sloppy! Good to know I’m faking it well 😉 Haha sorry this comment is like DAYS late. haha

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