Current Crush : Things I’m Lovin

Happy Thursday everyone!

I am SO happy the end of the week is almost here but I have about 1,000 things to do before my family leaves on Saturday morning so I’m feelin a little swamped! Mostly because I couldn’t think of a more concise category, I decided to roll with a Things I’m Lovin current crush and I hope you find something you love too!


I am SO close to splurging and buying myself the Erin Condren planner that every blogger says they can’t live without. I even got a tweet from @ErinCondren last night encouraging me! Also as if I needed MORE from Michael Kors, I didn’t know they had a MacBook Pro case! I swear that man designs things just to steal Rob’s my paychecks. Hehe…

Giveaway Winner


The winner of the Essie giveaway is the lovely Nicole from Treasure Tromp! Thank you so much for everyone who entered, followed and tweeted, I really truly appreciate it! Every new follower is a blessing to me and I cannot thank you enough!

Do any of you have an Erin Condren planner? Let me know what you think about them!!

Have a great Almost Friday!


17 thoughts on “Current Crush : Things I’m Lovin

  1. Yay to Nicole! Sorry I’m a little behind in my blog reading. I keep hearing about these Erin Condren planners! I feel like I might need one!

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