With Love From Utah

Good morning afternoon loves!

So, good news and bad news. Good news, I made it to Utah in one piece! I’ve never had so many issues with gate changes and delays ever and of course it would happen the only time I fly alone. I was stressed to say the least (but honestly, when am I not stressed?!).

The bad news is that between getting into Salt Lake around 12:00 am, trying to get a good nights sleep and my brother having a game early this morning, I just wasn’t able to get a blog together in time for today.

So basically my blog today is just to say, sorry I’m lame and suck at prior planning for my blog don’t have something good for you today. But I am linking up with the Instagram Blog Hop especially because one of my blog friends Niki is this week’s cohost and I adore Kimberly overall.

Some of my latest Instagrams: Lots of puppies, drinks and scenery.

Link up today!

My Instagram name is: (big surprise) SimplyEvani

If I can ever tear myself away from the free managers reception at the Hilton (mmm red wine and I are getting serious), there will be a better entry tomorrow.

Have a good Tuesday!


10 thoughts on “With Love From Utah

  1. Oh, you world traveler, you! Traveling is so much fun, have a good time with your family in Utah! Good luck to your brother and his team 🙂

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