Lazy Monday

Happy Monday!

So my life is in complete disarray since getting back from Utah yesterday afternoon. My room looks like a war zone, my entire closet is in the laundry pile and I have a million and one things to do to get back on schedule! The 10 hour drive was totally manageable (because my Dad is an awesome driver) but leaving at 5:00 am left me utterly exhausted so needless to say, sleep won over blogging last night. I’m excited to share my photos from Utah though so I promise posts are coming!

Until I can get my life back together again, here are some posts I think are pretty rad:

I know this is cheating but the lovely Nicole had me over at Treasure Tromp to share some vacation Pinspiration! Thanks Nicole 🙂

When am I not completely amazed at what they have at A Pair & A Spare?

If you’re Filipino or have Filipino friends, this may give you a laugh. Read this one too.

Check out this sweet upcycled headband my friend Masa made over at Emi’s blog.

Lace shorts DIY? Brilliant!

Also, enter my friend Emily’s giveaway for ad space on her blog! Yours truly is featured 🙂

Have a great start to your week!


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