Simply Crafty: Lovely Package Exchange & DIY Giftbox

Happy Hump day everybody!

I am OBSESSED with receiving snail mail. That’s a huge part of why I even signed up for Birchbox. So when Danni over at Oh Hello Friend announced her annual Lovely Package Exchange, I jumped at the opportunity. The idea was to spend extra time on packaging the gifts, rather than just stuffing it in an envelope. I was fortunate to be paired with Emily from the lovely blog Turt and Elephant and while collecting her gifts, I dipped into my growing pile of empty birchboxes to hold her gift.

I do want to note that the painters tape adhered a little too well to the birchbox so the sides ended up a little fuzzy-feeling after I pulled them off the sides. I was really happy with how it turned out and possibilities are endless. Needless to say, everyone’s Christmas presents will be in birchboxes! 🙂 I love a good upcycle.

Emily let me borrow some of her beautiful photos to show how I wrapped her present! I think I like the color teal?! Here’s Emily sweet post on what she received. Her photography truly puts mine to shame, teach me your ways Emily!

And here are all the goodies Emily got me!! I was completely blown away by her handmade details, especially the hand embroidered tag, which is EXTRA special because nothing pre-made ever comes made with my name. She got me 4 beautiful rolls of washi tape, a fabric covered notebook and those adorable felt bows! Such beautiful details and her packaging put mine to shame! Thank you so much girl! Check out Emily over at TurtAndElephant!
I got a little over eager and signed up for 2 package exchanges in July but I couldn’t be happier about them! I just LOVE snail mail and I’m an all-or-nothing type of gal…

Also, check out my guest post over at Rima’s, one of my bloggy BFFs! While she’s off enjoying herself in NY, I just get to blog about it (womp womppp). She’s going to enjoy it enough for the two of us! Have so much fun love!

Do you do a little happy dance when you get snail mail too?

Happy Hump de hump!


17 thoughts on “Simply Crafty: Lovely Package Exchange & DIY Giftbox

  1. This looks so good! You can’t even tell it’s from a Birchbox. I have been trying to figure out what to do with mine – I hate to throw them out. This is perfect!

  2. Getting snail mail is one of the best things 🙂
    Especially when it’s packaged as cute as this stuff!
    I need to get better about sprucing up my mail!

    Happy Wednesday, girl!

  3. I loved the birch box! Chevron has been one of my favorite things for a while no, so it was great to get that. Plus, I loved the color too. I am so glad that you are as thrilled with your gifts as I was with mine! Enjoy!

  4. So I might need to hire your around the holidays to wrap all my presents. I hate wrapping things so much! Like I usually just roll whatever it is in some tissue paper, tie a ribbon around it, and call it a day #pathetic

  5. How sweet of the both of you 🙂 I like the zig zag pattern in the packaging and how you individually wrapped the contents. You can definitely see the care and attention to detail you put into it. The name tag that she made in your package is too adorable!

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