Friday Letters: Olympics, PLL and Football

Happy Friday everyone!

Every week I cling to the fact that there IS a Friday and hallelujah for that! I took a mini bloggy break yesterday (because who really reads my blog daily ๐Ÿ˜‰ ) and I have to say, it was lovely. I don’t want to blogย just to fill up space so I’m going to shy away from writing entries that I’m not invested in. So that means hopefully more high quality entries at the risk of less entries overall. What do you think? Do you expect bloggers to blog daily?

On to Friday Letters!

Dear Olympics, YOU ROCK. I cannot believe how much I enjoy watching everything, even if I’m hours behind. Women’s gymnastics is my FAVE. Makes me want to attempt a cartwheel and fail miserably.

Dear Shay Mitchell, why are you so unbelievably beautiful?! I swear I watch Pretty Little Liars just to stare at you and Lucy Hale. That and because I cannot leave a mystery unsolved (I hate love myself a little for starting this series).

Dear luggage from Utah, unpack yourself, will ya? I’m so overwhelmed with the idea of unpacking you.

Dear Rob, one of the millions of reasons I love you is that you buy all the practical things I’d never own without you. This Mini DisplayPort (girls say whaaaat?) has made my blogging/netflix-watching a million times better. It turned my desktop monitor into a 2nd screen for my MacBook Pro = life changing.

Dear Blog friends, thank you for adding to my life in a wonderful way. Every comment, e-mail and tweet means so much to me and I might be driving you crazy with all the thank yous but I mean every single one!

Dear French Fries, we’re through. Despite my extreme love of everything you are, I’m quitting you for August. I know its only a small token of friendship I can offer to my health but it must be done. And for the record, it’s not me, it’s you… you and your golden goodness.

Dear Football season, let’s go! 33 days and counting… Ordering my Peyton Manning jersey ASAP. This is my dream season and I can’t wait! Any other football lovin girls out there??

Link up with Friday letters here!

Have a great weekend everyone!


18 thoughts on “Friday Letters: Olympics, PLL and Football

  1. I hatteeee unpacking. I still have a bag from my last trip to Massachusetts (beginning of July we’re talking here) that still has stuff in it!

    But YAY for football season!!! Ahhh can’t wait!

  2. done with french fries? Girl, you are strong. I couldn’t do it. Also, wouldn’t it be nice if our luggage would just unpack itself? My new system is unpacking the day I get home, no matter how tired I am. Otherwise I let it sit there … for days.
    And, duh – I read your blog daily!! xoxox

  3. Love the Olympics. I’ve heard that so far the Filipino boxes is continuing on. He’s 5′ tall, which isn’t all that shocking, but he beat his opponent who was 5’6″. PI Nation is right! And considering we only have 11 athletes competing… I’ll take any PI action I can get.

  4. ugh youre so brave and disciplined! i should probably join you on ‘no fry august’ but im not sure i can commit haha

    i think you can blog WHENEVER you want ๐Ÿ™‚ it’s your blog, after all!

  5. Love love love Friday letters! I try to read a blog once it’s published, but forgive me if I don’t get back to you immediately (or if I end up spending my Saturday morning catching up on a week’s worth of blogs). Also, you need to unpack the minute you get home, or it’ll never me done! Just my two cents ๐Ÿ˜‰

  6. Ha ha, I’ve definitely had that conversation with my luggage! I once had the contents of 3 back to back weekend vacations sitting on my living room floor at once because I was too lazy to unpack them but needed the suitcase for the next trip!

    I think you totally need a blogging break, and I would definitely rather post quality than quantity. My blog is only 3 months old, and the first month I was posting everyday. I quickly discovered that I might burn out, run out of things to talk about, or run out of clothes! ๐Ÿ™‚ Now I post 5 per week.

    xo Jenny

  7. I need to ease up on the french fries (and generally deep fried foods) as well! I try to resist but once I give in, I start getting addicted and needing to eat them every day. And the results definitely show on my skin and weight :p I love the Olympics, though it’s been really hard to follow because of the time difference between Sydney and London. At least there’s the Internet to catch up!

  8. No more french fries?!?! Oh my. But yes, better for your health.I don’t think you should feel like you have to post everyday, unless you feel inspired and want to!

    • I know, it’s been harder than I thought. I never realized that french fries are the side of EVERYTHING. And I think I’m definitely dialing back on posting everyday, thanks for your input Stephanie!! ๐Ÿ™‚

  9. The Olympics has been great to watch – and in my case do my exercises while watching!
    I dont think anyone should feel they have to blog every day. Just blog when you have something interesting to say ๐Ÿ™‚

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