The Sacramento Color Run

Happy Monday everyone!

So against my better judgement, I decided to run a 5K this weekend on a diet consisting of french fries with absolutely no preliminary running/training. To say I’m a runner is like saying that lead weights can fly. But lemme tell ya, I love a good 5K and a run that entails colored powder thrown at you while you run? I’m in.

Despite my vehement protests light suggestions that we should walk this 5K instead of run, we got overeager and ran the first (eh let’s be generous), 1/5 of the race. After receiving our first burst of color, we all mutually looked at each other and decided a brisk power walk would suffice. It was a beautifully scenic 5K and overall tons of fun.

But every 15 minutes at the finish line, there was a Color Festival where everyone opens up the color packets they were given and throws it up in the air. The Color Festival was the most INCREDIBLE part. I can’t even explain how beautiful it was, colors flying everywhere and everyone dancing and celebrating. We hung out for 2 rounds of Color Festival and by the end, I resembled a semi-purple incredible hulk, hence the lack of pictures of myself at the end (you’re lucky I even gave you the picture of me as the purple-people-eater above!). Lol much to my dismay, I didn’t get the “cute” color photos I hoped for but it was one of the most amazing things I’ve ever done. If the Color Run is headed your way, don’t hesitate to sign up quick, it’s worth it!

We went to an amazing brunch spot that I’ll be featuring for Good Eats sometime soon too!

Unfortunately that mere 1/5 of 3 miles I ran + lack of stretching, training, general fitness means I was pretty sore following the run. I contemplated lying to you so you could imagine me as a 5K goddess, barely panting and victorious at the end. But I’m as far from that as you can get right now and I’m pretty a little embarrassed that running so little got my body crying out that way. I’m putting this out there because I’m ready to make a change and No-French-Fry August is part of that. I’m ready to hold myself accountable for the way I eat and treat my body. I’m looking to make a plan for that so stay tuned!

Happy Birthday Eva!!

Lastly, I want to wish one of my best friends a HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Long before Simply Evani was born, Eva was one of 3 friends/readers who subscribed to my lowly blog. Not only was she one of the greatest roommates I’ve ever had but she is genuinely one of the most caring individuals I know. I love her with all my heart! Can’t wait to hit up Seattle and visit Chid!

How was your weekend? Do you have a favorite 5K?

Have a great week everyone!


25 thoughts on “The Sacramento Color Run

  1. I really want to do one of these… except the whole running/walking 5k. I just wanna throw bright colored powder at people. Do you think if I register and get a shirt I can just drive to the finish line and sneak into the crowd? This seems much more sensible then doing the whole physically active part… thats just me and my lazy butt.


  2. Oh my goodness I’ve been wanting to do the color run for awhile! I’m actually planning on participating next year in Arizona, it just looks like so much fun! And by your pictures I can tell it really is!

  3. Ohhh fun!!!! I’m thinking about doing the New Jersey color run! I didn’t even know about the color festival part! That makes it even better. It seems like such a happy event!

    If I do it, a brisk walk sounds right up my ally 🙂

  4. I’ve always wanted to do a color run, but you’ve made me really want to do one lol. There’s one in NJ in September, and I’m seriously thinking of going. Just have to find some people to go with me!

  5. We just had the Color Run here and I missed it. But I will be doing a similar run in September called Color Me Rad. I’m super excited about it. It will be my first 5K. I’ve been doing the Couch to 5K training and just ran a mile this morning.

    It looks like so much fun. I can’t wait!

  6. Ahh, this is so cute and fun! This definitely makes running more interesting 🙂
    Thanks for sharing your awesome experience!

  7. Yay, thanks so much for the birthday shoutout! After all this time, reading your blog is always a little treat for me. I love your 5k photos, maybe one day you and I can do a 5k together? Check out the Couch to 5K running plan, I started at week 1 and I have a 10K scheduled for September. Good luck sister girl and I can’t WAIT for Seattle with you and Chid! Love you little lady!

    • Thanks Stephanie 🙂 I appreciate the support! I know in theory I could’ve probably run the whole thing but it would have been ugly. Hahaha I need to train next time!

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