Summertime Fun: California State Fair

Happy Hump Day!

Is anyone else a little sad that summer seems to be coming to a close? Although I’ve been ready for more temperate weather, I can’t help but mourn the end of sunsets at 9:00 pm. I mean, I could come home from work and have hours to bake or craft before shooting pictures during the magic hour. Le sigh.

Nothing says summer like a good fair, especially the California State Fair! You can’t walk 2 feet without running into deep-fried something or chocolate covered yumminess. Don’t you fear, I took one for the team and ate my weight in heart-stopping batter.
The deep fried peanut butter cups were a tiny slice of heaven. Pair that with a cold Blue Moon and you have paradise! The best part of the State Fair besides the food was the hypnotist, Suzy Haner. Her show was hilarious and her performance alone was worth the admission to the fair. The California State Fair is a summer must-do for northern Californians!

Have you ever seen a hypnotist show? Were you as impressed/entertained as I was?

What deep fried foods do you like/hate?

Hope your hump is short today! 😉 


19 thoughts on “Summertime Fun: California State Fair

  1. I’m all about the corn-on-the-cob at State Fairs! with lots and lots of Parmesan cheese and chile powder! The corndogs are my thing too hhaha

  2. Was that the Mid-State fair? I mourn every year that a full-time job keeps me from visiting the Paso Fair every year… In college, it was a yearly tradition!

  3. What?! Never been to the state fair, i may just have to come up to Sac and try the giant margarita and artichoke and oreos! Ps. found you from Niki’s guestpost! I don’t live too far from ya (east bay)! 🙂

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