Current Crush: Fall Fun

Happy Thursday everyone!

I spent most of last night working on a craft project that I’m excited to show you! That means that blogging took a backseat so for Current Crush today, I used Polyvore for the first time. INCREDIBLE! So much easier than creating my own collages in Photoshop. Further proof that I pick the HARDEST way of accomplishing things. Anyhoot, here’s some fall essentials I’m dying to own!

Link up with the lovely Danielle!

Current Crush: Fall Fun

Fall Fun

I’ve really grown to LOVE layering in the fall, especially because the fabrics of winter are SO forgiving (knits and leggings FTW!). Nothing like an oversized sweater thrown over a tank top  and some brown boots. I LOVE summer even with the sweltering heat but every once in awhile, fall just feels so good. Plus, when the weather changes it reminds me that Christmas is right around the corner (Oh yea, I went there. I mentioned Christmas in August, hate me if you will). 29 days until Fall hits!

What part of fall fashion is your favorite? Boots? Sweaters? Leggings?

Happy Thursday loves!

P.S. Thank you for ALL of your encouraging words on yesterday’s post! Each little bit of encouragement is pushing me harder (I drank over 80 oz of water by 4 pm…crazy!) and I’m so happy to hear other bloggers want to jump on the fitness train with me. I’m going to think of some ways that we can share some of our fitness tips and support each other. 🙂 Stay tuned.


19 thoughts on “Current Crush: Fall Fun

  1. Love your picks! I think fall might be my favorite fashion season. I have an espresso MK watch (the style is called Blair) and absolutely love it… so unique but not overly flashy. Have a great day, Evani

  2. I am loving the outfit you put together! Isn’t Polyvore awesome?!!! It’s addicting! I’m excited for fall too – now even more so after seeing your outfit! I want to pick some pumpkins!!!

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