Loving Lately: Sweaters

Happy Tuesday everyone!

Despite my undying love for dresses and sandals, I can’t HELP but feel so excited about fall fashion lately. My mind is constantly thinking about my fall sweaters and cardigans. I decided to link up with the lovely ladies CarlyKristenNiki & Rachel for Loving Lately and I need to purchase these stat!

Sweater Love

Link up today!

I’m feeling a little anxious for fall because my birthday is coming up. Another year older, le sigh. And even more of a reason to get my bee-hind in shape (who knows when wedding bells will ring 😉 ).

Yesterday, I went to a “Hot Hula” class at the gym for the first time. I actually used to do Hula and Tahitian in high school so I was like “no prob, just an easy workout to ease myself back in.” WRONG. Within the first 5 minutes, my quads were on fire. I remember hula being a decent workout but my hip joints definitely don’t have the flexibility they used to. It was a challenge and my back does hurt a little this morning from popping out my bootay (lol) but overall, I feel good.

Also, Rob and I watched The Vow yesterday and I liked it! Everyone knows Channing Tatum is a hot piece of man candy but I wasn’t entirely sure about his acting skills in a chick flick (and no I haven’t seen Dear John yet). Anyways, I was pleasantly surprised and it definitely got Rob and I conversing about what we would regret most if something tragic happened to us tomorrow. I was overjoyed to hear his answer was the same as mine (I’ll leave you to wonder what that was). It’s silly but sometimes even a romantic movie can make you suddenly feel very lucky to have everything you do.

Lol (I could find a good source but here’s where I got it)

Do you love sweaters as much as I do? Have you seen The Vow? How do you feel about Channing Tatum’s acting chops?

Have a great day everyone!


26 thoughts on “Loving Lately: Sweaters

    • Hi Niki! I design most of it myself and my boyfriend helps with actual creation. I made the new sidebar image recently myself and I’m really happy with it! If you ever need any help with stuff like that, let me know! 🙂

      • Really? That’s so impressive! You should open up a little side business 😉 And I would love it if you could help me…a little blog customization would make me happy. Your social network icons are really cute<3

  1. Love fall clothes!!! Hot Hula sounds fun! Girl, you should go with me sometime, you’d probably feel so much better. I’d be dying in like 30 seconds!

  2. You had me at Channing Tatum! And I’m a fall dresser too. I love layering items and sweaters. I’d much rather be a little chilly than all hot and sweaty (it’s not a good look for me, ha!)

  3. LOVE oversized sweeters and cardigans…U got me intrigued about the movie and also the Loving Lately initiative. I’ll look into it, darling! Thanks! xoxo

  4. I’ve seen Dear John and I quite liked it – as you haven’t seen it I don’t want to give too much away! But if you like Channing Tatum you should see it 🙂 I love cardigans for fall – and pretty much year round. They’re so comfy and chic in a casual, easy to wear way.

  5. I love all the outfits you put together! Great for fall I would say!

    Oh an as for Channing Tatum, yeah I would definitely not question if he said he was my husband! So cute!

  6. Love love sweaters! I can’t WAIT for fall to be here…but it takes a long time for it to come around in Texas. Sigh.
    And I’m not so convinced that Channing Tatum is where it’s at for some reason. Although after seeing 21 Jump Street he’s growing on me. He’s definitely got a hot little body, but I’m kinda eh on his acting. Maybe I need to watch The Vow?

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