Headed South for Labor Day!

Happy Thursday everyone!

I am SO excited because Rob and I are headed back down south this weekend! My little brother is playing a football tournament in Thousand Oaks on Saturday morning but we’ll mostly be in the LA area (staying over by Santa Monica).

Honestly, I’ve been a little nervous about posting this but I am ALL IN for meeting some SoCal bloggers this weekend! If you’re interested in meeting up, shoot me an email!! We have no idea what our plans are but we’re probably hitting up CA Adventure on Sunday mid-day to night and I’d love to do Monday brunch before heading back? Honestly, I’m down for anything. Let me know if anything good is going on this weekend 🙂

What are your recommendations for Southern California? Rob and I are always looks for new restaurants, shops and markets to go to! Especially brunch spots!

Do you have any plans for Labor Day Weekend?

Also, go enter my dear friend Emily’s Blogiversary Giveaway! She giving away ad space with some of my favorite blogs!

Happy Day before Friday!

P.S. Rob and I have a friend in the hospital who could really use all the good thoughts and prayers everyone can send. Say a little prayer or send a happy thought his way if you could. Thank you ❤


14 thoughts on “Headed South for Labor Day!

    • sorry that was under the wrong post- hope you have great time in socal- i used to live there, and it holds a special place in my heart. There’s so much to do there, you are going to have a great time~!

  1. hey lady friend … let’s meet up, yeah? I will actually be in Orange (city next to Anaheim) on Sunday from 12 until 2-2:30ish. Let me know if you’d be interested in meeting up! I have a dland pass, so I could always stop by the park on my way home just to say hi!

    • mmm holla. i can stop by too :))) i’ll be in Newport on Sunday. i have no problem driving over to DLand for a moment for picture perfect time 🙂 *boyfriend will probably busy watching soccer*

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