Men Decoded: Football Positions

Happy Tuesday everyone!

In honor of my Fantasy Football Females league drafting tonight (with a full league of 10 ladies!), I decided to go with the next installment in the series of Men Decoded: Football positions. My lovely boyfriend Rob decided to jump in today and write for me!

Hey there Simply Evani readers, Rob here.  Evani is swamped with guest posts and emails so I offered to write her “Men Decoded” post for her (luckily it was a topic I knew plenty about!).  Here is a quick little run down of NFL positions, and how they earn points in fantasy football.  There are many more players on the field, but these positions are the most relevant to fantasy football.  It’s simple, but hopefully informational (especially for you 1st time football fans).

Quarterback (QB) – The quarterback has the most responsibility.  He starts the play, and is responsible for handing the ball to the running back or throwing the ball to the wide receiver.  Quarterbacks will earn points by having a lot of passing yards, and throwing touchdown passes.
Notable Quarterbacks – Tom Brady w/New England Patriots, Drew Brees w/New Orleans Saints

Running Back (RB) – The running back has two main jobs based on what the play is.  Typically his number one role is to get the ball from the quarterback and run up the field to try and score a touchdown.  Sometimes, when the quarterback is going to throw the ball, the running back will stay by him to block a defender.  Running backs score points by scoring touchdowns.
Notable Running Backs – Arian Foster w/Houston Texans, Ray Rice w/Baltimore Ravens

Wide Receiver (WR) – The wide receiver has one main job, to catch the ball when it is thrown to him and get up field to score a touchdown.  He will block on run plays but he earns points by scoring and gaining yards.
Notable Wide Receivers – Calvin Johnson w/Detroit Lions, Julio Jones w/Arizona Cardinals

Tight End (TE) – The tight end is a hybrid between a lineman, who blocks, and a wide receiver who catches the ball.  The tight end is usually bigger, making him an easier target near the end zone.  Tight ends score points by gaining yards and making touchdowns.
Notable Tight Ends – Rob Gronkowski w/New England Patriots, Antonio Gates w/San Diego Chargers

Kicker (K) – The kicker has two jobs: kicking the extra point after a touchdown and kicking a field goal.  Extra points are worth 1 point, and field goals are worth 3 points.  A kicker can earn more points on a field goal in fantasy football based on how far he is kicking from.
Notable Kickers – Sebastian Janikowski w/Oakland Raiders, Matt Bryant w/Atlanta Falcons

Defense (DEF) – The defense is a combination of linemen, linebackers, cornerbacks and safeties.  They earn the most points by interceptions, tackling the quarterback behind the line of scrimmage, and forcing fumbles.
Notable Defenses – Chicago Bears, Green Bay Packers

(Evani here) And because a little eye candy never hurt anyone…..
Thank you Rob for keeping me sane helping me out today! Love you 🙂

How’d you like the results of Week 1 of the NFL? Did your team win?

Don’t forget to take a moment and think about those who were affected by September 11th. I’ll continue to pray for the strength of our nation and that Americans everywhere continue to heal from the tragedy.

Hope you have a great day!


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