Simply Disney: Favorite Photos

Happy Hump Day!

So I’ve been sitting at my computer thinking about how I plan on writing this without seeming completely nuts. As most of you probably know, I looooooove Disneyland. And I know there are people who totally get the judging eyes on when I talk about how many times I go a year (as an adult) because everyone assumes its for kids or people with kids. I want to say I don’t care but honestly, it does make me really self conscious about talking about it. But at the end of the day, Disneyland is part of who I am so if you judge me for loving it, I guess technically I don’t want you reading anyways!

There are so many reasons why I love Disneyland but I think it’s difficult to explain. It’s more of a feeling than it is reason (other Disney enthusiasts will agree with me!). But I’m gonna to share my favorite artsy-fartsy pictures I’ve snapped at the parks and some of the reasons why I love it so much!

Beautiful Giant Castle. ‘Nuff said.

No matter where you are, there’s almost always a “view” at Disneyland.

I’m still crying a little about the California letters being gone but I love the retro feel to the new California Adventure.

I love the Pacific Wharf, mostly for the UH-mazing Margarita Stand and Karl Strauss Beer Truck but the new Ghiradelli doesn’t hurt either 😉 Did I mention there’s a Starbucks now too?!

No one can deny the detail Disney puts into small details of the park. This is a restroom area!

California Adventure’s Mickey wheel over Paradise Bay is something I could watch all day.

The line of Indiana Jones is usually horrendous. But the detail they put in the “waiting” areas especially of this ride, is undeniable.

Disneyland almost never has a bulb out. Considering the number of bulbs around the park…

You could walk by this pond all day without noticing anything spectacular. But at certain intervals at night, there’s a mini light show that happens prior to the fireworks. It’s such a trivial detail but it’s one of the ways that Disney always strives to make your money worth it.

I absolutely LOVE how Disneyland is different between night and day. Seeing the transition never ceases to amaze me.

All photos were taken by my iPhone 4s.

I’ve been going to Disneyland since I was little and the wonderful part is that the Disneyland Resort has almost grown up with me. They added California Adventure (a very adult friendly park), built more thrill-centric rides (not for the kids), and now they serve alcoholic beverages (all of these things happened in my lifetime!). Oh trust me, there are millions more reasons I call it my second home (holiday decorations, World of Color, food and drinks), but those are for future entries…

Have you ever been to Disneyland? What’s your favorite parts?

Do you have a place that you simply feel connected to?

Hope you make it over the HUMP okay!


21 thoughts on “Simply Disney: Favorite Photos

  1. Those who don’t understand Disney are crazy! I’ve been to Disney World a couple of times when I was younger and I absolutely loved it! If I lived near Disney World or Disneyland I’d be going ALL THE TIME. It’s such a magical place. And I just realized the last time I was there was almost 10 years ago… I need to remedy that.

  2. Holy gorgeous! (AND TAKEN WITH YOUR PHONE, TOO?! Can’t wait for my Iphone4 to get here; finally upgrading from the “old school” 3g!) I LOVE disneyland, wish I lived closer so I could go more often… and wish it wasn’t so expensive to get in. Someday I’ll have a season pass.. Maybe.

  3. Loved seeing these photos! We want to take a family trip there sometime in the next year or two. I haven’t been to Disneyland in years… can’t wait to go back! It really is so magical and memorable. My favorite ride is the Pirates of the Caribbean. 🙂

  4. This makes me sad that I am not back home! I am very sad about the giant letters too but I love how they redid the entrance to California Adventure and yes that margarita stand is so good!

  5. I love all things disney. My husband and I honeymooned in Disneyworld a long time ago. If we lived close I’m sure we would have went more because we both enjoyed it.I absolutely get what you mean about the “feeling” of Disney. There’s a reason it’s called the happiest place on Earth. I’ve had people “judge” me too for liking Disney but then when they collect Coke things or Hot Wheels I don’t think they have a leg to stand on (and there’s nothing wrong with collecting Coke and Hot Wheels for the record!). I imagine it’ll only get better when you can share that love with your family someday and see the same gleam in the eye of the child.

  6. When I used to live in Cali I went to Disneyland all the time and I moved right before California Adventure was built. I still have not been back yet 😦 But when finally got to go to DisneyWorld (and worked there too!) when I lived in Orlando it made me miss little things from Disneyland. Both are great! Ill always be a Disney fanatic!

  7. Girl! There is NOTHING wrong with being an extreme Disney lover 🙂
    I wish I could go to Disney World more often!
    It’s fun looking at these pictures, because I’ve only ever been to Disney World!

    Gorgeous shots!

  8. ok you convinced me to go back again and get my damn pass worth for (at least for this year). and with your details, i need to pay more attention, to the uh details. too bad ever since this current job, i have no time to go. sad, but true. sad. I NEED TO GO BACK. from morning til night. start to finish. aldjfa;lskdjfal;sdf

  9. Oh I absolutely LOVE Disneyland as well!! its not for kids only no no no ..!!! I’ve been to Anaheim, EuroDisney as well as in Florida and all I loved. But I have to admit Disneyland California Adventure was my absolute fav!! I love the rollercoaster and also I got an autograph from Donald there HOORAAYYYY (well don’t get me wrong – I was in my 20s then and still ran after him!!)
    No one is ever too old for Disney!!!
    When my BF and I went to EuroDisney 2 years ago we were like 2 little kids – its was soo much fun (mostly loved the Aerosmith ride!!)
    I feel very sad for people who cannot channel their innerchild and have fun at Disneyland as an adult!!!

  10. I love Disney World. I’ve been trying to get my husband to take me to florida just so we can go there. He refuses because he says it’s for kids. He does not know better… because, gasp, he’s NEVER BEEN. I know. I know. I’m working on changing that. 🙂

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

  11. Thanks for the eye candy! I just told my husband last night I was a little sad we were not going to make it to Disneyland next year. I would like our next trip to be near Christmas as I have never been there during that time of year. We just booked an anniversary trip for next month so my Disneyland fix might have to be postponed until next year!

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