Friday Letters: Sicky Sick, Bleh.

Happy Friday everyone!

Let’s just get down to it, whaddaya say? Friday Letters ya’ll. Linking up with Ashley.

Dear Throat, Strep?!? SERIOUSLY? I hate you. Okay I take that back, let’s just get better ASAP. Because let’s face it, I’m a Whiny McWhiny pants when I’m sick and I’m tired of myself already.

Dear Elle, Thank you for the nail polishes! That mint color was just what I was looking for! Thanks Megan and Angela for hosting All Lacquered Up!

Dear Ahi Poke, As soon as I can swallow again I’m coming for you.

Dear bloggy friends, I need help! Looking to print business cards. Where do you recommend? I want a card with rounded edges…

Dear Sister President, Sister Deltas, Loved our reunion, missed chu girls! 🙂 Happy Birthday Jackie!

Dear Halls Honey Lemon Cough Drops, It’s you and me baby. All day/night/weekend long.

Okay lezzzzz be honest people, you don’t want to read about my never-ending love for cough drops. I’m in misery but I shouldn’t drag you down with me. Here’s some fun links instead.

These gold leaf jars are incredible.

I want these LOVE letters!

For those of you TOMS lovers, check this out!

This is happening if I ever have a boy!

Decorating tip madness, this is ridiculously awesome.

In case you missed it, my posts this week:
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Disney Photos Galore
Wine Tasting and Sombreros

What do you have planned for this weekend?

I’m going to live vicariously though you since I’ll be curled up in the fetal position eating a million cough drops.

ALSO, I might be going self-hosted this weekend (If I can stare at my computer long enough to do it) so if there are issues with the site, hang in there! (If you are WordPress and have moved to self hosted, I welcome ALL advice!)

Happy Weekend!





19 thoughts on “Friday Letters: Sicky Sick, Bleh.

  1. Oh man! I hope you feel better soon. This weekend we’ll be going to I-I-IKEA to get supplies for my kids birthday party and also attending a baseball themed bridal shower.

  2. Oh no! Sad you’re sick, but feel better! This may sound strange, but the last time I had a sore throat I took two Tylenol and it made me feel better. I’d never thought of doing that before, but they are pain relievers. Worth a try! Anyway, thank you so much for visiting me at “this little light” yesterday … I’m a new follower via Bloglovin’!

  3. I use and get their minis. Not rounded but I love them! Why not make some of your own? I make my own thank you cards for my etsy shop and round the edges with a punch.

  4. Moo!!!! I’m affiliated with them and i love my mini cards!!! (I have a link on my blog)

    Girl, go get some antibiotic and REST IT UP. Chicken soup and orange juice (i’m big on holistic)

    I’ll be baking for a baby shower, orientation to humane society and 5K on Sunday. Woo.

  5. Feel better soon!!!

    I get my business cards printed from They do different shapes, rounded corners etc. That’s also where I get my hang tags for my hats and scarves from.

  6. Feel better sooon!!! my great-grandmother and aunt always ate ice-cream when they had a sore throat. Why? Because its an inflammation and that you can cure with something cold :-)!
    big hugs

  7. I’ve also been sick, but I’m feeling better now (hope you are too :)). I went to the mountains this weekend where I was training with my vocal group for our first concert. 🙂 almost everyone has a cold, so I really hope we’ll all get “in shape” in time. 😀

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