Thankfulness Thursday: Birthday Joy

Hi there everyone!

So I was trying to be real cool about missing a blog post today because Rob and I stayed up until an unreasonable hour catching up with Grey’s Anatomy on Netflix (On a brand new HD TV Rob bought me for my birthday! I ❤ love it!) . I mean it was my birthday after all so I tried to justify it to myself, but honestly it’s just giving me anxiety.  Plus, I can’t pass up a Thankfulness Thursday the day after my birthday! Linking up with Ashley from Domestic Fashionista.

I’m thankful for…

…My family celebrating my birthday with me and making it a very special day…

…My Mom’s never ending excitement that it was indeed my birthday…

…Waking up to strings of ribbon hanging from the balloons covering my bedroom ceiling…

…The bouquet of (teal) birthday balloons sitting at my desk when I arrived at work from Rob…

…The endless swarm of birthday wishes on Facebook from friends, family and those I haven’t talked to in ages. I know it’s not cool to admit this but Facebook greetings did bring a smile to my face…

…The kind and warm wishes I received on my blog, twitter, facebook and instagram from my blog friends and readers. Thank you all so much!…

…The thought my close friends put in their birthday greetings. Those greetings speak volumes about our friendship…

…The Michael Kors laptop bag coming my way! Thanks Mom, Dad, Sis and Bro! Lol 1 superficial one had to make it in people…

Most of all, I’m thankful for the opportunity to live everyday in good health with such wonderful people in my life (both in person and over the web!). I’m so blessed.

Haha have I ever told you guys I’m a balloon girl? I LOVE balloons. And cake. Lots of cake.

I can’t let the cake go unnoticed. It’s from the BEST cake shop in Sacramento, Ettore’s. This cake was their Strawberry White Chocolate Mousse cake but I DIE for their Chocolate Mousse cake too. If you come visit me in Sacramento for long enough, I will bring you here, promise.

Thank you all for reading, commenting and being part of this crazy journey I call my life! Here’s to another great year!


16 thoughts on “Thankfulness Thursday: Birthday Joy

  1. Darling! Happy belated b-day! I so happy I came across your blog, so that I get to know you a bit better! Best wishes for you 🙂 Also, wow, that cake is a master piece! Hope you enjoyed it! XOXO

  2. How on earth did I miss your birthday?!!! I feel like such an awful friend! I’m SO SORRY!!! I hope you had a FABULOUS day and I wish I could fly out west and give you a great big hug and a cupcake!!!! xoxoxoxoxo

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