Friday Letters: Fall and Rockstar Fail

OH THANK GOD, FRIDAY, you’re here.

Anyone else glad Friday is here? I told Rob EVERY NIGHT this week that it felt like Friday night so you can imagine my horror when it was only Tuesday, Wednesday etc. But WE MADE IT. *tooting horns and tossing confetti*

You know the drill, Friday letters he-yah! (my attempt at a Boston accent. Unsuccessful.) Linking up with Ashley.

Dear BLOG FRIENDS, Your replies on my blog yesterday completely turned my week around. Every single comment meant SO much to me because I have a hard time sharing certain things on the blog sometimes but I’m so glad I did. I can’t thank you enough and I treasure all of your wonderful thoughts and advice!

Thank you dear friends! Source

Dear Old Navy, I am kicking myself SO HARD because I missed out on $20 Rockstar jeans this past weekend. Because I’m clearly insane, I decided to try on Rockstar jeans for the first time yesterday after I realized I missed the sale and they were now $34.94 and my life is changed forever. If you haven’t tried on Old Navy Rockstars, you haven’t lived. They feel like pajama pants. Take it from the curvy girl! (FYI, I walked out without the jeans. I just couldn’t do it for $34.95… sigh)

Dear Fall, First you took forever to get here and now you come with a fury. I’m not even ready! I don’t have tights or leggings or even my jackets pulled out yet. Also, is it just me or does weather anything other than it being sunny make you feel sleepy too? Sigh. I want summer back already.

Something about this little guy just resonates with me. Lol

Dear fellow viewers of the debate, Politics is something I don’t get into much but I couldn’t help but think of one thing the entire debate… one of the candidates sounded a litttttttle like a used car salesmen. Lol do you hate me now? Sorry I couldn’t help it. Let’s still be friends! Honestly, the biggest achievement of the debate? I got Rob to listen to 2 hours of political talk! That’s not easy my friends.

Dear October, I got some planzzz for youuuu. Joining my dear friend Melissa with her lists of monthly goals. I’m keeping it pretty simple.

Dear readers, I need your help. Thanks to my unbelievably generous Bestie Auva, I got this Michael Kors bad boy for my birthday:

Auva knows me well and said she already included a gift receipt because she knows it’s expensive for a bracelet and I might want to get store credit and put it towards a purse (we know each other reallllly well). But the catch is that I FREAKIN LOVE IT. But $95 for a bracelet is beyond my comprehension. It’s absolutely gorgeous on but I don’t know if I can do it. So I’m enlisting your help, would you keep a gorgeous bracelet like this knowing it cost that much?!

This weekend my little brother has a laser tag birthday party so you can BET I’ll be channeling my inner Barney Stinson. HIMYM anyone?

What do you have planned this weekend??

Happy Weekend everyone!


15 thoughts on “Friday Letters: Fall and Rockstar Fail

  1. Happy Friday love! It’s going to be one hell of a weekend here in San Francisco and I’ve been waiting all week long for it! Hope you enjoy it just as much as I do.. Loved the survey, surprised and not surprised about the results.. hehe 🙂

  2. TGIF!!!! I’m with you! Have a wonderful weekend…and go treat yourself to one pair of rock star jeans, okay?

  3. I so wanted the Rockstar jeans to work for me, but the fit was all wrong. 😦 That bracelet is gorgeous and I think you should keep it! The best gifts are ones that you would never buy for yourself. 🙂

  4. Old Navy offers 30% off online periodically. They just had it a couple days ago though. That’s the only time I shop there. If you can hold off, you can probably get them for about $25. Not as good as $20, but better than $35!

    If you love the bracelet keep it. Since you think $95 is a lot for a bracelet, that means you probably wouldn’t go out and buy it on your own. So since it was a gift, you don’t have to feel guilty about it! Or at least that’s how I look at it.

  5. Keep the bracelet! NOT for the monetary value….keep it because your good friend picked it out for you and you’ll always have her holding you when you wear it on your wrist….

  6. Ohhhh girl keep it! It’s so gorgeous I’m so utterly jealous of it! But honestly, do what really makes you happy :). Totally with you about the debate too!

    Have a great weekend! xx

  7. Rather than vote on the bracelet I decided to just give you a couplel different options.
    1. The bracelet was a gift and you seem to love it. So it’s not really like you spent the $98 on it.
    2. The first sign of that sucker tarnishing (due to water from washing hands, natural body oils, etc.) take that back to the store and get a credit towards a handbag.
    3. If you do take it back to the store for a handbag you’ll have to spend more money… at least $100 more, so maybe keeping it is a better option.

    Anyways… I got a few pair of the Rockstar jeans because they were $19 and I live in them. Don’t worry I’m sure they’ll have them on sale again, especially online. Be on the look out!

    Have a lovely weekend girly!

  8. Happy Friday! I haven’t tried Rockstar Jeans but I know that Old Navy runs sales online constantly. I just ordered the kids some fall clothes during a 30% off sale and two days later, myself some clothes during a 15% off sale.
    And I would keep the bracelet, the best gifts are ones that you wouldn’t normally buy yourself. 🙂

  9. I vote keep! The bracelet is a gorgeous piece 🙂 Sometimes it’s just about how nice it is to own something pretty and expensive, without regard to the cost or the fact you’d never spend that much money yourself on it. Good luck with your October goals! They sound achievable 🙂

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