About Me

Hey there! Welcome to my blog, Simply Evani.

I’m Evani, a 20-something drawn to DIY projects, baking sweets and stalking Pinterest for style or wedding inspiration. I love many things but especially my crazy family, my other half Rob and anything to do with Disney. Guess where the picture above was taken? Disneyland! My guilty pleasures include reality television (Real Housewives anyone?!), endlessly perusing blogs, spending money I don’t have and reading.

I started Simply Evani as a place to blog about the transition from college living into the adult world. Back then it was mostly sarcastic commentary on how unprepared I was for the real world. But there came a day when I realized that to enjoy every day, you have to make time everyday for what brings joy in your life. Since then, Simply Evani has been the place for me to share some of my true passions in life like crafting, baking, creating, shopping, traveling, taking photos and so much more.

On the professional front, I received my Bachelor’s Degree from the University of California, Davis in Psychology in 2010 and have a full time job in the field of Autism research.

Who doesn’t love a puppy?

10 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Evani! Heard a lot about you from Rima. Glad you guys had fun at the meet-up at Disneyland! I’m her newbie blogger friend (insert silent cry for help in the blogging world) lol. I’m glad I ventured over to your blog. Your NFL post is very fun & informative. LOL. I’ll be following you now! Cheers! =)



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