Simply Crafty: DIY Chevron Make-Up Bag

Hi there!

ERMAHGADDDD I’m still sick! For those of you who follow me on Twitter, I’m sorry all I can talk about is being ill but in case you haven’t noticed, I’m a MISERABLE sick person. Like incredibly unpleasant to be around because all I want to do is whine about being sick. It’s come back that is isn’t strep, so now I have no clue why my body hates me right now. Sigh. Bear with me, Happy Evani will come back some day.

Since I’m drowning in Halls cough drop wrappers, I’ve decided to repost a guest post I did at one of my favorite blogs Anna Delores Blog. So in case you haven’t seen it, here goes! Feel free to pin this, that would make my day! (Here’s the original post if you’re interested!)

So simple right? Anything I can paint chevron on, I will!

Will you do me a favor? Send happy thoughts, pray, ANYTHING that you can do, that this sickness will go away? My birthday is on Wednesday and I’d really love not to feel miserable…

I haven’t read any blogs since Friday and the unreasonably high amount on my Bloglovin count makes me want to just clear-all. So in case I do that, feel free to leave me a comment with any Friday or Weekend blog entries you recommend (whether they’re your blog or not!). I mean in general, your blogs are the most important ones for me to read anyways! 🙂

Also who watched that Ravens vs. Patriots game?!? AMAZING right?! 31-30, the Ravens fought hard for that W!

Last sidenote, the Emmys this year were hilarious! Can we just cut out all the award winning and keep doing the funny skits and stuff? That’s the best part. That and the SUPER awkward moments when they do close ups on the nominees faces and they have no clue what to do. That’s my JAM.

Hope your Monday is significantly better than mine!


Loving Lately: Meeting Bloggers!

Happy Tuesday everyone!

So first things first, I did in fact come home. Those of you who follow me on Instagram know that LA was very close to keeping me from returning to Northern Caliornia but alas, reality hit and I’m back. I just can’t get enough of the Southern Californian sun! What an incredible weekend. More on that later this week (trust me, come back for the food photos!).

My Loving Lately was meeting 3 of my FAVORITE blogger friends this weekend ! I was happy anyone was even remotely interested in meeting up with me but even more so overjoyed that it was Emily, Nicole and Rima. I might’veeee had them in mind when I mentioned a meet up… ;). (You can click their headers to check them out!)

When Simply Evani was just taking shape, the first blogger to reply to a comment of mine was Emily from the Anna Delores Blog. In fact, I made the unbelievably common mistake of calling her Anna (which we both laughed about upon meeting in person). Then Anna Delores Blog was the first blog I chose to sponsor when the time came and Emily was the sweetest sponsor, especially for a first timer.

Emily and I decided to meet at Urth Caffe. I was 30 minutes late being the SoCal driving virgin (Rob drives us everywhere when we travel!)so it took 30 minutes to get down Santa Monica Blvd. Lucky for me, Emily is a real life sweetheart and even had an iced tea waiting for me when I got there! We talked about anything and everything, mostly about life and maybe a littttle about blogging ;). I was amazed by how much we had in common and how easily our online friendship translated in real life. We spent 2 hours chatting before we realized the time limit on our parking was going to expire. I can’t wait to see Emily again, I know we’ve got a long friendship ahead of us.

Then on Sunday I had the pleasure of meeting up with Nicole from Treasure Tromp and Rima from Bolu by Rima at UVA bar in Downtown Disney. Both are Disney annual passholders like myself and I seriously read their blogs daily. I fell in love with reading Treasure Tromp when I found out Nicole was getting a Ph.D. in Psychology. I remember being overjoyed that another blogger shared a similar Psych background AND she was so unbelievably nice too! Rima and I bonded over having Robs (Her BF Mr. Pillow is named Rob too), our mutual love for the Backstreet Boys, and overall her hiiiilarious sense of humor.

UVA bar is one of my Disney treasures so I was happy that they were both first timers there. We had a round of drinks and dinner, and talked about anything under the sun. We talked about Disneyland, camping, 5Ks, Blogger vs WordPress and about our jobs. Mr. Pillow started us on a really interesting conversation about how much time we spend blogging daily and we laughed about interesting things we’ve noticed about the blogging world. I was amazed by how true to life our blogs are to who we are and how easy it was to feel at home with fellow blog friends. We reluctantly ended our meet up with exchanging moustache rings that I had just picked up at Santee Alley (FYI girls I was right, it turns your finger green. Just think of it as a decorative souvenir to put somewhere. Pshh I’ll still wear mine. Haha). Rob even commented later on that it felt like the three of us had already met or already knew each other and I simply told him we had : on our blogs. 🙂

When I started blogging with Simply Evani in March of this year, I never imagined it would be what it is now. The people who don’t blog are going to think this sounds crazy but I really do feel like friends with the bloggers I interact with daily. Meeting up with those 3 ladies only proved to me what I already suspected, I’ve found a group of women who have similar interests as me, who read about my life and share theirs too, who provide support or encouragement when it’s needed and whether its online or not, that makes us friends.

I’m always headed down south (I meant we HAVE to make use of our Disneyland Annual Passes 😉 ) so if you live in California or near southern California, let me know! I officially love meeting other bloggers.

Now if only I could get Niki, Celeste, Chris, Yi-Chia, Maša, Lyss and Kristine out here to California…

Did you have a good weekend? What did you do?

Happy Tuesday everyone!

P.S. Don’t forget, tomorrow is when I open up the Fitness link up! Read more about it here!

Simply Crafty: Fun in the Sun Baskets

Happy Sunday everyone!

I am SO excited to say that by the time you read this, I will be back on the road to California! I love vacation but I cannot tell you how happy I will be to sleep in my own bed and hug our two puppies (oh and that big guy I call Rob).

I am a little sad to report that my brother’s team lost in the championship to a powerful team from Hawaii but overall, everyone is in good spirits. Our team just made a few too many errors but they had such a spectacular season that they should be proud of. Way to go boys!

Since we were playing teams from other states, the ritual is to bring baskets with trinkets from your home state to share with the first team you play. Since we were the first game for 2 teams, we brought baskets for 36 kids! And guess who was asked to put these together? This girl! 🙂 Happily of course, because I have a thing for making gift baskets.

I was pretty happy with what we ended up with considering I had a $200 budget and only 2 weeks to come up with these bad boys! We went with a California “Fun in the Sun” theme and luckily I found these buckets at Michaels for $0.50. Most of the key items were from Amazon: sunglasses, beach balls, and silly bands. Rob designed the postcard picture in photoshop, the tattoos were on sale at Party City and we got quite a bit donated, which really helped us stay under budget.

I know you might totally never need to make 36 baseball themed baskets but for the sake of helping any other lost souls with a time limit and budget, I figured I’d throw it out there!

And before I go, was way too excited about this not to share!

Anna Delores, as in my friend Emily at Anna Delores Blog! The Disney fan in me is DYING! A tweet from the Disneyland Resort Twitter announcing her work in the Downtown Disney gallery! Way to go friend! 🙂

Also in case you missed it, my fabulous friend Rima did a yummmmy guest post on Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Cookies!

How was your weekend? What did I miss while I was gone? 

Mani Monday: Cheetah Print

Happy Monday readers!

Sorry I’ve been on an epic hiatus, I know the standard procedure is to beg amazing bloggers to write guest posts in an absence but as you can see by my entries prior to vacation, my life was in complete disarray beforehand. Anyhoot, I hope you all had a wonderful Memorial Day weekend and weekend after!

As I am still editing photos from vacation, I thought it’d be fun to join in with a Mani Monday linky with the two lovely Heathers from Just and Glitter and Gloss (which I found via the amazing Emily’s Anna Delores Blog). As I post this right now, I thought it was funny that Heather also featured Cheetah Print from My Name is Kristy. Great minds think alike huh?

The colors I used were a mini Zoya called Shay (which I got in my Birchbox) and one of my all time faves, OPI Mermaid tears (and a random black nail art). I find myself gravitating towards cream and mint green together lately! Any colors you’re currently diggin?

Join the linky party on Just and Glitter and Gloss!

Aside from all the good feelings I get from newly mani-ed fingers, I’m actually feeling quite under the weather. Part of my 9-5 job includes attending child births of women enrolled in my study and I drove 2 hours away and back late Saturday night, and didn’t get home until 1:30 am. Then when I finally got home, I had a terrible case of insomnia so a lack of sleep has driven my body into shut down mode. Needless to say I’m suckin down Halls cough drops like nobody’s business! Any other remedies for a sore throat/cold/congestion that you can think of? 

Hope you have a wonderful start to your week! Come back soon to see pics of my whirlwind trip to SoCal 🙂