Headed South for Labor Day!

Happy Thursday everyone!

I am SO excited because Rob and I are headed back down south this weekend! My little brother is playing a football tournament in Thousand Oaks on Saturday morning but we’ll mostly be in the LA area (staying over by Santa Monica).

Honestly, I’ve been a little nervous about posting this but I am ALL IN for meeting some SoCal bloggers this weekend! If you’re interested in meeting up, shoot me an email!! We have no idea what our plans are but we’re probably hitting up CA Adventure on Sunday mid-day to night and I’d love to do Monday brunch before heading back? Honestly, I’m down for anything. Let me know if anything good is going on this weekend 🙂

What are your recommendations for Southern California? Rob and I are always looks for new restaurants, shops and markets to go to! Especially brunch spots!

Do you have any plans for Labor Day Weekend?

Also, go enter my dear friend Emily’s Blogiversary Giveaway! She giving away ad space with some of my favorite blogs!

Happy Day before Friday!

P.S. Rob and I have a friend in the hospital who could really use all the good thoughts and prayers everyone can send. Say a little prayer or send a happy thought his way if you could. Thank you ❤


Wordpress Says: Why Blogger Doesn’t Play Nice

Happy Friday everyone!

So merely a week later after mentioning it, here it goes. Cue the horror music….I am a NO REPLY BLOGGER. But let me explain, before you leave my blog forever.

When the time came for me to choose a blog, I chose WordPress. As much as I love this platform, the integration between the ever popular Blogger (Google)  and WordPress sucks leaves a lot to be desired.

When I leave a comment on your Blogger Blogs, I choose the WordPress option because that makes the most logical sense.  I guess I thought since it was giving me the OPTION of WordPress, that it would share my blog and my e-mail with you, since WordPress clearly has those two pieces of information. But because Blogger/Google doesn’t like to play nice, it doesn’t.

Honestly not getting replies on my comments wasn’t a big deal for me (because I just figured some bloggers were so swamped with comments, they just didn’t reply) until I realized some wonderful bloggers had been sending me well-thought out replies, which I just never got. Way to go WordPress-Blogger integration, thanks for hindering my potential blog friendships 😦 . As far as I’ve researched, there is nothing we can do in WordPress to change this either.

So although there is the option of opening a Blogger account just to attach my e-mail to my identity, to be 100% honest, it’s just a lot to do. It’d be like asking you to sign up for WordPress just to comment on my blog (which seems overkill right?). Instead, I’ve chosen to include my e-mail at the end of all my comments.

So basically if any of you fabulous Blogger bloggers see a comment from me with my e-mail at the bottom, I promise I’m not begging you to reply! I just want you to have the capabilities to do so, if you’d like.

The point of this wordy entry? These 2 things:

  1. WordPress bloggers (and bloggers on other platforms like Typepade, Tumblr,etc) just so you know, Blogger bloggers cannot reply via e-mail to us using the Open ID/Wordpress option. Leave your e-mail address in the comment if you expect a reply or just want them to be able to get in touch with you.
  2. Blogger bloggers, try not to hate us for being the dreaded No-Reply-Blogger, it’s not in our control! We’re not just ignoring the thousands of blog entries offering tutorials on how to undo no-reply-blogging, I promise! It’s a pain for us too.

Maybe if we all just tell Blogger/Google to play nice, they’re someday change things up!

Weekend Links

So I know the entry was probably dry for all my non-blogging readers so here’s a few fun links to click on this weekend:

This woman and her family lives off 14,000 a year. Ah to be money savvy.

This is for the hoarder in me. Because I just can’t throw out cards!

I love this idea. Books, Storage and iPhone combo? Yes.

For the other Post-It note obsessed people out there. Oh, I’m the only one?

Have a great Friday and Weekend!