Simply Loving: HEARTing Handmade’s Better Than Ice Cream

Happy Sunday loves!

Today I’m incredibly happy to introduce one of my friends in the blogging world, Maša! I loved her complete honesty in her Secret Week posts and she has a passion for reading, just like me! Maša’s sharing an amazing vegan dessert all the way from Slovenia and I’d love for you all to show her some love!

Hi! My name is Maša and I’m blogging over HEARTing Handmade. I’ve been drooling over Evani’s recipes of her tempting desserts and she inspired me to post one of my favorite recipes for the summer time. Thank you so much for hosting me, Evani!

You’re gonna love it and you will be making it again and again. Both omnivores and raw vegans will enjoy it.

It’s incredibly simple

It contains only 3 ingredients.

It’s so delicious you won’t believe it’s actually healthy

Who doesn’t love ice cream? I could eat it all the time. But… it’s full of sugar and fat. I’m also lactose intolerant which makes me regret devouring this guilty pleasure even more. But I’ve discovered a perfect replacement. When I first tried it, I couldn’t believe that something made only from fruit and cacao could taste like ice cream. This revelation was probably one of the happiest moments in my life. I may be crazy, but I’m not joking! 🙂

For 4 people, you will need about:
4 ripe bananas (the ripest the better)
4 medjool dates (they are extra big and sweet, double the amount if you use the regular, small variety)
3 spoons unsweetened cacao (not the processed one for making drinks)
– 1 spoon coconut flour (optional)
1. Cut bananas into slices, put them in an air-tight container and freeze. I usually freeze them overnight, but several hours would probably be enough. It’s a good idea to freeze bananas when you can’t eat them fast enough and use the frozen slices whenever you feel like eating ice cream on a hot day.
2. Soak dates in a cup of water for a few hours (de-stone and cut them first).
3. Thaw the bananas a little and prepare your food processor.
4. Mix the bananas, dates and several spoons of water. I used the water in which the dates were soaking, about 1/3 cup, but you can use less water if you want more ice-creamy texture.
5. Add cacao and mix again.
6. Optional: experiment! You can add coconut flour or try out other ingredients like dry fruit, chocolate drops or spices. Banana + dates + cacao is the main recipe which you can mix and match as your heart desires. I like to work with what I find in the pantry and I’ve always been satisfied with the final combination. If you prefer it bitter, add more cacao. If you have a sweet tooth, add more dates.
I hope you will like the recipe. Next time you’re craving something sweet, try to choose a healthier alternative. It will be just as delicious and you won’t have to deal with guilty feelings afterwards.  🙂

Find Maša here! BlogFacebook/ Bloglovin/ Twitter/ Pinterest

I love how that dessert sounds DELICIOUS and heathy! Thanks for stopping by today Maša, you rock! Make sure to check out her links above, she is a total sweetheart!

On a somewhat related note, I’m slowly coming to the realization that I might be lactose intolerant. I’ve never really done well with milk but I feel like lately I’ve been having a reaction to cheese (which is basically my FAVORITE thing in the world). For those of you who are lactose intolerant, how did you know? Have you always had it or did you grow into it?

So I know I might have totally did promise to write a weekend entry about No Reply Blogging and I’m still working on it! I don’t like to make broken promises so I won’t make it a habit! 🙂

Happy end of the weekend (meh… haha)!


Simply Baking: Baseball Cupcakes

Happy Friday all!

I’m so happy Friday is here! I’ve been lucky enough to have a few days off but I feel like I have even MORE to do when I’m not working my 9-5. I ran a ton of errands, spent that Ulta coupon 😉 and had a lovely dinner and happy hour with friends (Love ya Vick!). Here’s to setting goals (a la Tuesday’s entry) and living by them! 🙂

So for my brother’s baseball party, we decided to try a recipe I pinned from Sugar Cooking for Chocolate Cupcakes with Salted Caramel frosting. I was successful at the cake recipe but was completely defeated by the icing. I have no idea what went wrong but after an hour (and 2 bags of powdered sugar) of working on just the frosting, I had to give up. However it was by far one of the best chocolate cake recipes I’ve made and it was unbelievably easy!

Since I was going to use store bought frosting (insert crying here), I decided to spend extra time on the decorating. On the baseballs, I used the Betty Crocker cream cheese frosting and red candy melts in a piping bag to do the stitches. For the fields, I dyed the cream cheese frosting green for “grass” and used chocolate frosting for the diamond.

To add something extra to the party, we threw in some of our well-loved red velvet cake pops. I hope to make them again in the future but with more delicate piping (I just was not at the top of my game by the end!).


Just so everyone knows it’s not all sunshine and rainbows here at Simply Evani, I often find myself stressed out while baking because I’m such a perfectionist and its probably better for me to choose either a complex recipe OR intense decorating. I just wish I could let go of that Type-A side of me but I’m definitely an all or nothing person so I dive into any project wanting it ALL and 4 hours later, I hate my life. Haha anyone else a perfectionist baker?

This weekend, I will be out at the fields watching my brother play his All Star State Tournament in Santa Ana. Time to slather on the sunscreen and do some hardcore blog planning the old fashion way (aka pen and paper!). Do you have any plans for the weekend?

Happy Friday!

Good Eats: Leatherby’s Family Creamery

Happy Friday everyone!

I truly love sharing my blog with all of you and I can’t thank you enough for all the sweet comments and views! Also a big Gracias to two lovely ladies who featured me on their blogs this week, Emily over at Anna Delores Photography and Jess at Livin On Sweet Tea. You ladies rock!

So I’m going to be honest, I don’t have to travel far for this deliciousness (get real, it’s literally a 5 minute drive). But for any of you out-of-towners traveling through or to Northern California, I’ve got a spot right off the freeway to recommend. Sweet tooths of the blog world, meet Leatherbys Family Creamery!

So Leatherbys is a family owned creamery/diner where they make their own ice cream and toppings! I have a soft spot for Leatherbys because my parents used to go on dates to Leatherbys when they were younger and it’s been a part of our family ever since. Plus I love to support local businesses!

They have outrageous servings of ice cream like the Daddy Dave’s Sundae (the mound of ice cream pictured above) but my personal fav is a traditional vanilla and caramel sundae because their caramel is to DIE for. Just trust me on it. And the messy pour of toppings will work to your benefit, don’t hesitate to scoop it up! Also if you don’t like ice cream/sweets (like Rob) try one of their shakes, he raves about it.

So if you’re driving on the 99 through Elk Grove (just south of Sacramento), get off on Laguna Blvd and stop by Leatherbys! 🙂 Try the caramel, you won’t be disappointed. Better yet, call me and I’ll meet you there!

Winna Winna

I am so excited because I received the Swarovski Magazine that I won in a giveaway on Make it & Fake it! Its full of amazing jewelry and craft ideas and even came with a bag of Swarovski beads. So a big THANK YOU to Swarovski and Katrine for gifting me this wonderful package! I love it!

Beautiful right?!?

Friday Links to Love

I’m buying more “see-through” washi tape ASAP!

This is how you get custom color baskets! Brilliant.

I’ve been working on revamping my bathroom, these are happening!

Get in my mouth.

As soon as I have any free time (yea right!), get to planning these out.

Happy Friday loves!

P.S.  For a Simply Evani first, I’m hoping to get a post up this weekend too! Come check it out while you’re relaxing and enjoying the 2 glorious days off.

Simply Baking: Chocolate Chip Caramel Bars

Happy Tuesday everybody!

So last Saturday was baking-palooza for my sister and I and one of the recipes on Pinterest we decided to try was Two Peas & Their Pod’s Chocolate Chip Salted Caramel Cookie Bars.

We already had all the baking ingredients the recipe needed except for the caramel squares and heavy whipping cream. The main deviations we took from the recipe included using normal brown sugar (instead to light brown sugar) and inaccurate measurements of butter (Much to my dismay, we were out of butter bars with the nice measurement lines so I used a tablespoon and hacked it out of an abnormally large chunk of butter we had for when my Dad makes massive servings of mashed potatoes). Moral of the story, not sure how accurate my hack job was…

But we took these to my brother’s team party and they were swooped up in a manner of minutes with pre-teen boys grunting in approval.

Overall, I wasn’t thrilled with the way ours came out because they were crumbly and a bit dry. I can only assume that is due to our odd butter measurement methods and possibly the brown sugar.  But honestly, everyone who ate them was impressed and I’d definitely try this recipe again but with more precise butter calculations. The sea salt is such a nice touch to the taste of these bars too. 

I’d be really interested to see how they turn out for you if you choose to make them, so let me know! Make sure to check out the amazing food blog of Two Peas & Their Pod for more incredible recipes (especially if you can follow the recipes better than I can 😀 lol).

Movin’ on up

Last but not least, I was feelin sorta down last night so I did what any normal person would do: Bought myself the new MacBook Pro! While I admit I am an emotional shopper/eater/etc, I’ve been contemplating the Pro for about 6 months now and I finally worked up the courage to do it. I was set on getting it on a simple $100/month payment plan but I found out their financing is basically opening a credit card. I’m deathly afraid of opening any more credit lines so I dipped into the honey jar of my savings and left a happy woman.

Welcome home baby!

I haven’t had a laptop since sophomore year of college and I’ve been doing all my blog work on an old model desktop (imagine the obscenities I used when Internet Explorer froze at least once an hour). Now for the important question: Fellow Bloggers with a Mac – What program do you use for photo editing? Is Photoshop Elements 10 enough? Should I at least swing for the CS6 student version? I might have a panic attack if I need the $649 Photoshop CS6. Also, share some Mac tips with this newbie, I’ve been Windows all my life! I’m excited for what a functioning laptop will do for Simply Evani and I hope you continue to follow along!

Have a great day everyone!