Simply Printable: Avenger Cake Pop Flags

Happy Monday loves!

I hope everyone had a wonderful Father’s Day weekend! We spent the weekend doing what my dad treasures most, which is watching my  brother play baseball. He even pitched a shut out (meaning no one scored the whole game!). I couldn’t be a prouder big sis. Being close to my siblings is one of the greatest gifts in my life, even if we are years apart (8 years between my sister and I, 11 years between my brother and I).

After being tagged by A Night Owl on Instagram: Just my sister and I at the fields!

Avengers Cake Pop Printables

I’ve received several lovely e-mails asking me about the printable flags I made for the Avenger cake pops so I decided I’d re-make them to share with anyone who wants them! I do want it known that none of the actual flag images were created by me (minus the resizing/cropping aspect) so if you choose to use these flags, please don’t use them for profit. (And if I find later on that this isn’t allowed, I might have to pull them down.)

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Printable Avenger Flags via Simply Evani

Photo credit: Iron Man/ Thor/ Captain America/ Hulk

For anyone interested in making them similar to the way I made mine, I backed my flags with colored cardstock to make them more rigid and used E600 glue to adhere them to the short lollipop sticks I found at Jo-Ann’s Craft Store.

Father’s Day Love

For Fasha’s Day, we bought my Dad the newest Ninja Blender and I recited an audio card (a.k.a. we didn’t buy him a card, he’s just not that into them). My Daddy isn’t much much of a sappy guy but he is the first man I ever loved, he makes the best packed lunches you will EVER taste and overall he’s a real life superhero in my eyes. Thank you for everything you do Daddy (if you ever read this blog, which I doubt you do)!

If you follow me on a twitter, you might’ve heard that I had a rough Saturday in the baking department. Let’s just say, I got in a fight with an icing recipe and the icing recipe won. My sister and I ended up churning out some pretty interesting desserts so come back tomorrow to see a new Simply Baking entry!

Have a good day everyone! 


Simply Obsessing: Bogies Art Giveaway!

Happy Friday everyone!

With Father’s Day literally right around the corner, I am crazy excited to introduce you to one of my favorite artists in the world, Sam Boeger! Sam is an amazing artist (and a very dear friend all the way back to high school) who runs her own business named Bogies, doing everything from sketching, painting, pin striping and airbrushing. Here she is to introduce some of her art!

Hi everyone, Sam here!

I’m really excited to share some of my art with Simply Evani readers today! I picked up my first crayon at the age of 3, and I knew I wanted to become an artist. The enthusiasm and passion I have for art, is translated onto the canvas or current projects in my studio. I believe that we all have creativity in some form that needs to be expressed and shared with the world. My strong love for all things Disney, Starwars, and super heroes will always have a special spot in my heart. Which now include other obsessions such as Dexter, Firefly and Game of Thrones.  Being a freelance artist, I can take custom orders and commissions for almost anything you have in mind.

Through my art  I hope to energize, connect, and inspire others! Thanks again! and enjoy! 🙂

Sam ‘Bogie’ Boeger

Airbrushed pieces. And yea that’s Sam in the middle! Talented AND beautiful right?

* If you’re interested in this Father’s Day shot glass (colors can be customized to fit any sports team!) Sam is offering a special deal to Simply Evani readers: $30 with free US shipping for the month of June (Retail: $35) . Email her if you are interested and mention Simply Evani!

Where to find Bogies Art: Etsy/ Facebook/ Twitter/ Website/ E-mail

Aren’t those Avengers shot glasses amazing? Well, Simply Evani is doing it’s first EVER giveaway and we’re giving away the hand painted Iron Man shot glass (pictured below)! This is for all you Iron Man/Avengers fans or for the daughters, girlfriends or wives of Iron Man/Avenger fans. Own an original hand painted piece from Bogies!

How to win: (For a total of 3 entries)

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    Follow Simply Evani via Facebook (or Bloglovin) AND Follow Bogies on Facebook.
    Leave a comment on this entry confirming that you are following both. (1 entry)
  2. For 1 additional entry, follow Simply Evani and Bogies on Twitter.
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    (And if you already follow, just comment that you already do!) (1 entry)
  3. For a last and final entry, tweet the following: “Check out @SimplyEvani to win a hand painted Iron Man shot glass from @Bogies! Enter now!”    (1 entry)
    Leave a 3rd comment stating that you’ve tweeted the giveaway!

That’s a total of 3 entries possible! Enter now!
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Giveaway ends Monday at 5:00 pm.
Sorry US residents only

Have a great weekend everyone and good luck!! 

Favorite Fridays!

Since I spend an extraordinary amount of time on the web, Favorite Fridays is something I’ve been longing to do and share with my readers. I will try to pick a theme for every Friday with miscellaneous things that rock my socks. Also if the item can be purchased, the picture will link to the website, if you happen to be curious!

This weeks Theme: Father’s Day – And yes I acknowledge the fact this is cutting it close to Father’s Day 2011 but hey, there’s always next year!

1. Adventure

A California Adventure for $229

For the a unique gift, try where you can buy an “experience” for Dads who don’t like the typical tie or mug. You buy a package like “Adventure” or “Adrenaline” and Dad gets to choose from over 25 different adrenaline rushing activities across California like motorcycling, kayaking or ATVing. They also have romantic getaway packages and family friendly ones to choose from. Although the package doesn’t cover getting to the destination, it’s a fun idea for thrill seeking Dads.

2. ThinkGeek – Floppy Disk Sticky Note

Awesome Floppy Sticky Notes On Sale $7.99

When I found these online, I ALMOST bought these for my Dad. He was/and still is a complete computer geek (Love you dad!) and I remember having a ton of floppy disks laying around the house before CD-Rs  and USBs. How much fun are these post it notes? (Have I mentioned my obsession with post it notes?)

3. Portable Stadium Sippin Seat

$29.99 for a seat and booze holder?

For the Dads who love to party, comes the Portable Stadium Sippin Seat. I don’t know how this works if you weigh more than 90 lbs, because I would imagine sitting on booze could result in some interesting mishaps but I love the idea behind it. There are more than a few Dads I know that would love this!

4. Fred & Friends – Tank Up Coffee Cup

No clue how much but this is rad

For the avid coffee drinker Dads. It’s got a manly name like “Tank Up” and it has a function besides being a normal coffee cup. Win.

5. – NFL Toaster

$34.99 for the manliest toaster ever

2 ways to a sports-oriented man’s heart – food and his favorite NFL team. I love that this exists because only in America would we want our toast imprinted with a sports logo. I mean obviously an NFL loving Dad would prefer tickets to a game but hard core fans could not live without this toaster.

I Love you!

Have a Fabulous Friday and Happy Father’s Day to all the wonderful Dads out there!