Simply Traveling: Santa Barbara

Happy Monday readers!

Ever have one of those months where it feels like you’re in overdrive? Since mid-May to now, I feel like I’ve barely had a second to catch my breath! Anyways, I finally had some time to pull up some of my vacation pictures from Santa Barbara that I wanted to share. First and foremost, I want to thank our amazing friends Jeremy and Casey for sharing their beautiful home and taking us around town. We love you guys!

I’m convinced that Heaven looks a little something like Santa Barbara.

We ate at this amazing southern restaurant called The Palace where a live jazz band performed as we waited outside. (Sorry the pictures aren’t phenomenal, we all know how night time indoor restaurant lighting makes for the best photos!) The pre-meal bread consisted of 5 different types of amazing muffins, my personal favorite being the banana nut! Rob had a filet stuffed with crawfish and it was DIVINE. Also, can we talk about how much I love restaurants that serve drinks in mason jars!

For our lunch the next day, we heard rave reviews for Brophy Bro’s chowder but the line was insane so we ended up at Longboards. With it’s location right on the peer and with an open air deck, I can imagine some amazing Sunday brunches happening here! The cuisine was perfect “beach” food and their fish and chips were SO good. Also, their drinks were both appetizing to look at AND to drink. Win win.

¬†I have to tell you guys, since I graduated college, my nights out have become rather tame. But when our dear friend Jeremy got bottle service at Wildcat, we definitely took full advantage and the drinks never stopped coming! Apparently Katy Perry wrote her song Last Friday Night about a night at Wildcat and I definitely know why! Come to this place if you’re looking for a fun place to drink and dance!

Santa Barbara was SO much fun, and I’m already counting down the days til we make our next trip out there. ūüôā Any places in Santa Barbara that you guys recommend? I’d love more spots to take some beautiful photos!

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Happy Monday everyone!!


Simply Celebrating: Cinco De Mayo

Last Saturday, we hosted our first Cinco De Mayo celebration! As usual, I spent most of the week before stressing myself to death with all the projects I had to do. But all in all, I was so happy with how it turned out and I can’t wait to share some fun photos with you all!

Attached to these amazing bulb outdoor lights I bought at Target, I saw a¬†Papel Picado DIY on Oh Happy Day! I knew I had to give it a try. I just followed Jordan’s instructions, created a few different designs and they added such a fun decorations in the sky.

Individual 7 layer dips were so easy and fun to make, plus they looked so much cuter than having people drop a clump of dip on a plate.  I bought the cups at Dollar Tree and we already had all the ingredients since we were servings tacos. The layers included beans, sour cream, lettuce, guacamole, salsa, mexican blend cheese and tomatoes.

The food for the night was completely homemade and included beans, rice, chicken enchiladas, beef tacos/nachos and a sweet corn tomalito. The tomalito was a huge hit and the recipe is here if you want it!

Mason Jar Margaritas is something I’ve been wanting to do for a long time and some light teal ribbon with these adorable printables via Living Locurto was perfect! Such amazing printables at her wonderful site.

 I thought the printables looks great on top of the mason jar too.

This picture was clearly prior to mason jar decorating but we also had lime green cake pops. The cake pops were German Chocolate and Caramel which were a huge hit! I used the new Duncan Hines Frosting Creations¬†which I spotted at Target for the first time and it was the perfect Caramel flavor. I’ll definitely be using many more for my cake pops!

After slaving over tiny pieces of cardboard and tissue for 3 days, I was so happy at how these Mini Pinatas turned out! Once again via Oh Happy Day and the amazing Jordan, I followed her instructions pretty closely and they turned out wonderful. I even stuffed mine with some candy as parting gifts. How cute are they?

Overall it was an amazing gathering with close friends that went well into the wee hours of the morning. We even broke out the fire pit at night and had some s’mores. I hope our guests had as much fun as we did hosting it!


Just What the Doctor Ordered…

Happy Monday readers!

I had such a wonderful weekend that was desperately necessary after the rough couple of weeks I’ve been having. We celebrated 1 of my best friend’s birthdays (Happy Birthday Auva babe!), took my wonderful boyfriend to a movie (after he¬†barbecued¬†dinner and washed my car!), had a sunny brunch with my old friend Sam and relaxed with my family. I have to confess, I did absolutely no projects this weekend but there are definitely some coming soon! For now, settle for some of my weekend iPhoneography:

 My perfect Saturday afternoon: Sun, a porch swing and a glass of moscato.

Toy Story clouds right?

I love bread. And olive oil.

Gemelli Spinacini from Paesanos – Bacon, Spinach and Pasta, what more could you want?

An incredible Saturday sunset – Sacramento sky

Definitely one of those weekends that are just what the doctor ordered!

I’ve been having major bloggers block and part of it is that I’ve been on a¬†roller coaster¬†of emotions lately. For those of you who didn’t know, I gave Facebook up for Lent and have discovered that it’s absence from my life for 40 days has been a blessing. I spent wayyyy too much time on it, sizing myself up with others (I’m competitive by nature, what can I say?) and generally feeling inadequate. As¬†embarrassing as it is to admit that social media affects me that way, I’ve mentioned it to a few friends and it seems like other people feel that way too. Because Facebook is so deeply ingrained in society (they now own my fav app Instagram) I don’t think deactivation is necessary but I think I’ll only be logging in to plug my newest blog entry, check messages or events (aka no Timeline stalking for me!). Here’s to making choices to actively shape your own happiness *imaginary glass clinking together*

And for those of you having a hard week, remember to give your heart a break once in awhile. Loving this new hit! (Click on the link below)

Demi Lovato – Give Your Heart a Break



Favorites Friday: All is Fair

This week’s Favorites Friday is inspired by the State Fair, which opened in Sacramento on Thursday July 14th! I don’t know what it is about the fair that I love but I can’t help but go at least once or twice every summer. A small disclaimer: Those who are repulsed by fried foods may be disturbed.

Favorites Friday: All is Fair

1. Food I can’t wait to try: Deep Fried Avocados


Not only is avocado my favorite “fruit” (yes, it’s a fruit!) in the whole world but the idea of some warm batter surrounding it makes my heart sing. I know the deep frying it basically renders it unhealthy but you know it sounds delicious!!

2. The 2011 new State fair food I’ll pass on: Raccoon on a stick

I can’t even post of a picture of it because I can’t bring myself to google what that will look like. Nope, not happening. Meeko from Pocahontas was one of my favorite characters and I just won’t do it.

3. Best thing to do with a group of friends: The Hypnotist Show

If you manage to somehow get you or your friends chosen for the hypnotist show, it’ll be a moment to remember for your whole life. I will say that I did get chosen for the hypnotist show and was NOT hypnotized but I think it was because I wasn’t willing for my subconscious to roll with it. On 2 separate occasions, I had friends chosen who did CRAZY things and they said the experience was real. I still laugh when I remember the things they did that night and it’s overall a great show.

4. Best thing I ever bought at the State fair: 600 thread count Egyptian “comfort” sheets

I know this sounds kinda crazy but I bought a set of sheets at the state fair last year and I considered them such a steal! It came as a set with a fitted sheet, loose sheet, and 2 pillow cases. I found them at this outdoor stand relatively close to Raging Waters and they only cost $20 for the whole set (which being a college student sounded fabulous). I completely doubt that they were 600 thread count or Egyptian cotton but I liked them just fine for $20! And yes, they were fully packaged in a legitimate way, as if they came from like Bed Bath and Beyond. I wouldn’t say it was my best purchase ever but hands down a great deal when you’re on a budget.

5. Young and old, don’t leave the State fair without having: Funnel Cake

There are few things in this world as palate pleasing as funnel cake. Why is it that much better at the State fair? Who knows. But whether you like it with chocolate syrup, strawberries or ice cream, you gotta have one.

I wrote this entry prematurely and now I’m slightly sad I didn’t go with a Harry Potter themed Favorites Friday (yes, I went to the midnight showing last night!). I think it’s only fair that if some of my readers haven’t seen the latest movie, I refrain from sharing any details so next week, expect at least 1 entry to be an homage to Harry.

Happy Friday all! Go see Harry Potter, it’s amazing!