Long time no see, Weekend.

Hallelujah the weekend is here!

This week has felt unbelievably long hasn’t it? Well I decided I wanted to spend my Friday replying to your comments (because I especially appreciated those of you who commented on yesterday’s entry!) so I’m going to keep it short and sweet: linking up with Friday Favesies with my plans for tonight!

One of my Friday Favesies is a good cold drink! Tonight I’m getting together with an old friend, Angela for a girls night! My family doesn’t drink so the fact I indulge in a beverage once a week (these days, college was a different time haha), makes me the family “Lush” apparently. Here’s proof that my parents think I’m an alchy:

Thanks for that gem Mom.

Ah parent humor, the joys of living at home at in my early 20s. On the real, my parents ROCK. They are totally cool with me doing as I please, they just love to tease me about drinking.

Feel free to still leave comments yesterday’s blog, I still want to get to know you!

What do you have planned this weekend??

Have a great weekend ya’ll!


Good Eats: Paesano’s Happy Hour

Happy Sunday loves!

How do you feel about weekend entries? I was really happy with the response last week so I’m going to try my best to keep up with them. 🙂

So technically the Good Eats feature falls under Simply Traveling but I figure it couldn’t hurt to share local eats and I hope you don’t mind! I’ve been on this push for Happy Hours and good times with friends so I wanted to share a new favorite: Paesano’s Happy Hour in Midtown Sacramento (similar to other Paesano’s happy hours nationwide)

My personal favorite without a doubt was the Fried Ravioli. Maybe it’s because I have a penchant for fried objects or because I love ravioli. Either way, it’s a MEGA win. Also, the Polenta Fries are a must! Their sangria pitchers are yummy and super affordable too. I’ve been feeling like quite a wino lately, I’m finally starting to acquire a taste for it.

Do you have any happy hours you love? Maybe if it’s a franchise, there might be one near me too!

Shout out to the work friends who I went to this happy hour with, hope you girls are reading! 🙂

I’m having such a fabulous weekend in Santa Rosa (not Santa Ana, womp womp) and I can’t wait to share pictures with you soon!

Is it really almost Monday already!?