With Love From Utah

Good morning afternoon loves!

So, good news and bad news. Good news, I made it to Utah in one piece! I’ve never had so many issues with gate changes and delays ever and of course it would happen the only time I fly alone. I was stressed to say the least (but honestly, when am I not stressed?!).

The bad news is that between getting into Salt Lake around 12:00 am, trying to get a good nights sleep and my brother having a game early this morning, I just wasn’t able to get a blog together in time for today.

So basically my blog today is just to say, sorry I’m lame and suck at prior planning for my blog don’t have something good for you today. But I am linking up with the Instagram Blog Hop especially because one of my blog friends Niki is this week’s cohost and I adore Kimberly overall.

Some of my latest Instagrams: Lots of puppies, drinks and scenery.

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If I can ever tear myself away from the free managers reception at the Hilton (mmm red wine and I are getting serious), there will be a better entry tomorrow.

Have a good Tuesday!


Things I’m Lovin: Instagram Faves

Happy Tuesday all!

In honor of my sheer panic that it went down last Friday,  I wanted to share some of my favorites things via Instagram.

Pizookie// A warm cookie topped with ice cream from BJs. It’s heavenly and the only dessert Rob likes.

Tea &  fireplace// In the winter, I love to curl up with my blanket and some tea. I’m feeling warm just thinking about it…

Mexican art and $1 jewelry// One of my favorite things to do is go to the Roseville swap meet and buy everything I can!

Kara’s Cupcakes// If you find yourself in Ghirardelli Square in SF, grab their fleur de sel and prepare to die of happiness.

Sellands// I love a restaurant that knows it’s wines! And no corkage 🙂 Please admire that ceiling.

Maltese face// Our pup Tucker is the most adorable grumpy dog in the world. He’s a rescue and he loves to be carried like a baby.

Southwest// When their $39 deal rolls around, off we go! This was pre-Vegas 2012 in January, a great trip!

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Did anyone else have issues when you realized Instagram wasn’t working? I never even realized how often I checked it until it went down. Oh well, there are worse addictions to have right?

Happy Tuesday!

Instagram Blog Hop: SoCal edition

Happy Tuesday readers!

So RARE do I get two entries in a row done so I’m over the moon with excitement! But I also love the Instagram Blog Hop with Let it Be Beautiful,  A Night Owl and The Pink Elephant so this wasn’t hard to quickly rustle up a post. Here are some of my latest Instagrams:

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Most of my pics are from vacay time down south, especially at one of my favorite places on earth, DISNEYLAND! After weeks of sulking (clearly, I’m a grown up) about the recent $150 increase in the Disneyland Annual Passes, Rob surprised me with already purchasing mine. I’m truly a lucky gal, He knows just the way to my heart! Does anyone else love World of Color as much as I do?!?! More vacation stories and pictures coming soon! 🙂

Simply Baking: Strawberry Cupcakes

Happy Hump Day readers!

Can I confess something to you all? I had no idea what “hump day” meant until recently. Lol, can you imagine what I thought it was before I understood it was the “hump” of the week?

Anyhoot, my Aunt brought us fresh ripe strawberries from SoCal and I had 2 recipes in my Pinterest board just waiting for them! I’m happy to share these 2 amazing recipes from Eat, Live, Run and Baking Bites.

I initially made this Strawberry on Strawberry deliciousness from Eat, Live, Run but I wanted to try it with a Chocolate cupcake from Baking Bites. Both options were winners in my book!

The Strawberry frosting was the shining star of this recipe, and it made enough to ice 24 cupcakes, 24 mini cupcakes AND approximately 3 cups worth to save for a rainy day (AKA, an excess of frosting). I have to be honest and say I rarely ever sift anything (its possible I don’t have the technique down but it takes me HOURS to sift) so maybe I got powdered sugar happy and it made extra? Anyhoot, it was DELICIOUS so I didn’t mind having extra.

The Strawberry cake was yummy too but for some, it might have been a little too much Strawberry on Strawberry action.

So two days later, I opted to try them with a chocolate cupcake recipe. When I finished the chocolate cupcakes, I only had time to snap a picture at dawn (bright and early before my 9-5) so I apologize for the yellowish tint.

Overall, I heard the combination of the recipes (Fresh Strawberry Frosting and Chocolate Cupcake) was a true winner but I really loved both of these recipes and you can’t go wrong with either! Check out the blogs for the full recipes:

Eat, Live, Run’s  Strawberry Cupcake with Fresh Strawberry Frosting

Baking Bites’ Chocolate Cupcakes with Strawberry Buttercream
(FYI, I only made the cupcake)

Hospital Fashion

Check out this suh-weeet photo of my sister and I rockin the latest fashion trend:
Hospital Gowns and Latex gloves

My Grandma is set to come home either tomorrow or Thurs so all is well! But because of a potential bacteria, we had to suit up in order to visit her. It sounds more intense than it was.  I also got a huge kick out of saying “Suit Up!” a la Barney Stinson (HIMYM fans anyone!?)

Thanks again for all the prayers and good thoughts! Have a great Wednesday!

Simply Obsessing: Michael Kors

Happy Friday readers!

My obsession with Michael Kors is a late blooming one. For years, I watched him on America’s Next Top Model and loved him as a judge but my obsession with his products began last year with my first purchase of this bad boy in the luggage color. What wins me over the high price tag is the high quality leather and endless inside pockets of his purses. One of my best friends Vicky is the  one who got me hooked and I haven’t looked back since! I’ve been dying over all the lovely things that Michael Kors makes lately so I thought this entry was fitting.


I can tell you from experience the Michael Kors Large Hamilton bag (#4) and the Essential zip IPhone wristlet (#5) are absolute must haves! A bag like Hamilton (and yes, I actually call my purse Hamilton) never goes out of style, it’ll be classic for years to come. I actually got this IPhone wristlet for Christmas but I wanted the capabilities to pull my phone in and out easily to snap photos so I exchanged it for the essential zip instead. It’s perfect for going out AND for easy accessibility for those of us photo-happy people.

Instagram Blog Hop

This week I decided to take place in a few linky parties, including this Instagram blog hop with the wonderful blogs of Let it be BeautifulThe Pink Elephant and A Night Owl. It’s supposed to happen on Tuesdays but I missed this Tuesday so I thought I would do it today!

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I’m so obsessed with Instagram and the simple but amazing photo editing capabilities it gives users.  And yes, Dive Bar in Sacramento legitimately pays people to dress as mermaids to swim in the pool above their bar! Also, if you ever happen by Sacramento, stop at Leatherbys and have a caramel sundae. It will rock your world.
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Lastly, I’m not a public person when it comes to deeply personal things but my Grandma is in the hospital and we could really use any and all prayers to help her get through. I’m the type of person to usually close up when it comes to things that are hard for me but I know she could use all the good thoughts and prayers she can get. Thank you.

Have a good weekend readers!