Men Decoded: Football Positions

Happy Tuesday everyone!

In honor of my Fantasy Football Females league drafting tonight (with a full league of 10 ladies!), I decided to go with the next installment in the series of Men Decoded: Football positions. My lovely boyfriend Rob decided to jump in today and write for me!

Hey there Simply Evani readers, Rob here.  Evani is swamped with guest posts and emails so I offered to write her “Men Decoded” post for her (luckily it was a topic I knew plenty about!).  Here is a quick little run down of NFL positions, and how they earn points in fantasy football.  There are many more players on the field, but these positions are the most relevant to fantasy football.  It’s simple, but hopefully informational (especially for you 1st time football fans).

Quarterback (QB) – The quarterback has the most responsibility.  He starts the play, and is responsible for handing the ball to the running back or throwing the ball to the wide receiver.  Quarterbacks will earn points by having a lot of passing yards, and throwing touchdown passes.
Notable Quarterbacks – Tom Brady w/New England Patriots, Drew Brees w/New Orleans Saints

Running Back (RB) – The running back has two main jobs based on what the play is.  Typically his number one role is to get the ball from the quarterback and run up the field to try and score a touchdown.  Sometimes, when the quarterback is going to throw the ball, the running back will stay by him to block a defender.  Running backs score points by scoring touchdowns.
Notable Running Backs – Arian Foster w/Houston Texans, Ray Rice w/Baltimore Ravens

Wide Receiver (WR) – The wide receiver has one main job, to catch the ball when it is thrown to him and get up field to score a touchdown.  He will block on run plays but he earns points by scoring and gaining yards.
Notable Wide Receivers – Calvin Johnson w/Detroit Lions, Julio Jones w/Arizona Cardinals

Tight End (TE) – The tight end is a hybrid between a lineman, who blocks, and a wide receiver who catches the ball.  The tight end is usually bigger, making him an easier target near the end zone.  Tight ends score points by gaining yards and making touchdowns.
Notable Tight Ends – Rob Gronkowski w/New England Patriots, Antonio Gates w/San Diego Chargers

Kicker (K) – The kicker has two jobs: kicking the extra point after a touchdown and kicking a field goal.  Extra points are worth 1 point, and field goals are worth 3 points.  A kicker can earn more points on a field goal in fantasy football based on how far he is kicking from.
Notable Kickers – Sebastian Janikowski w/Oakland Raiders, Matt Bryant w/Atlanta Falcons

Defense (DEF) – The defense is a combination of linemen, linebackers, cornerbacks and safeties.  They earn the most points by interceptions, tackling the quarterback behind the line of scrimmage, and forcing fumbles.
Notable Defenses – Chicago Bears, Green Bay Packers

(Evani here) And because a little eye candy never hurt anyone…..
Thank you Rob for keeping me sane helping me out today! Love you 🙂

How’d you like the results of Week 1 of the NFL? Did your team win?

Don’t forget to take a moment and think about those who were affected by September 11th. I’ll continue to pray for the strength of our nation and that Americans everywhere continue to heal from the tragedy.

Hope you have a great day!


Men Decoded: Football Basics

Men Decoded: Basics of Football

In keeping with an athletic theme and in honor of the start of the NFL season, here’s the next chapter in my Men Decoded Series: Football Basics.

Keep in mind, football is a complex game so there’s SO much more than this. I just wanted to start you off with some basics. More to come in future weeks!

I am by no means a football expert so feel free to let me know if I’m completely wrong about something. I just love the game and I want everyone else to get the chance to too!

Ladies joining the football world for the first time, turn on one of the games tonight and see if I made ANY sense to you! I hope I did!

If you’re reading this entry, feel free to check out my Let’s Get Physical link up and comment on some of the ladies who linked up!! I mean we’re all on a fitness journey and a little encouragement is ALWAYS nice!


Men Decoded: Fantasy Football

Happy Monday ya’ll!

I’m one of those girls who just LOVE football. And I’ll be honest, it hasn’t always been like that. Besides the fact I found myself in love with a football player (Starting O-line all throughout high school!), I became a diehard football fan by playing fantasy football. If your man friend loves football or you’re competitive by nature and just want to learn to play, I’ve decided to break it down today:

Fantasy Football is a game where you create your own team from players throughout the NFL.  You get to create a “fantasy” team by picking the best players from all the football teams for your own team.

There are tons of free fantasy leagues everywhere and I personally have experience with Yahoo Fantasy Football. It’s super simple to sign up and all you need is a gmail or yahoo account.

If you get an invite to a league, usually you just create a team and get ready for the draft. If you want to  be a commissioner (to run the league), there’s a little bit more work so I’d recommend not commissioning until you’ve participated in one league.

The draft is when you pick the players. The commissioner sets a day and time and one by one, all the teams (each person in the fantasy league) will pick football players in a predetermined order. Most drafts happen online where all you need to is is log into your league and do the draft there. In an online draft, there’s usually a draft center that opens a half hour to an hour before and you can set up a “queue” of the players you want. If possible, I recommend participating in the online live draft! It’s fun to watch the players disappear off the list and feel like you’re building a team (even if you’re just pulling the players from the ranking list. More on that below.)

Everyone has their own method of picking the best team. But if you’re thinking “I have no idea who anyone is in football!” don’t fear! There’s usually a list of draft pre-rankings that tell you in what order ALL the players are usually drafted (meaning they’re ranked based on how many points they’ll give you!). Overall, if you aren’t able to make the draft or you just want to see how it works for the first time, Autodraft is a safe bet. What autodraft will do is pick your players based on their ranking and based on your position in the draft. Usually that means you’ll end up with at least 3-4 awesome players without even having to do anything! The computer does all the hard work.

But if you do want to pick your own players, I recommend getting a few good Runningbacks first (RB) and a good Quarterback (QB). Those two positions will usually give you the most points. Defense and Kickers usually don’t give you much.

The nice thing is that after the draft, the website does most of the work for you. Your players will gain you points just based on doing what they do for a living! The main idea is that you rotate out players who aren’t going to make you points. With the starters in your line-up (your line-up is all the players on your team), you’ll also get a bench of players (players on your team but don’t score you points because you didn’t put them in the game). Rotate your bench players into your starting line up if one of your starters has a bye week (if the player’s team isn’t playing that week), if a player get injured or if they’re not getting you any points! Usually this just involves dragging and dropping players in your line-up.

The only caveat is that you can’t move players in the line-up once their team’s game has started. So I recommend you check your line-up every Wednesday (later in the season, Thursday games mark the beginning of games for the week). Check bye weeks, injuries, things like that.

The higher the points, the better you’re doing. Download the app on your phone and follow along with all the games weekly. Learn to cheer on your quarterback and soon you’ll find yourself invested in the games too! The nice thing about fantasy football is that you’ll end up cheering for a lot of players on different teams. You’ll know their names!

There’s probably much more to say about Fantasy Football but I didn’t want to overwhelm those of you who are new to fantasy. Are you still with me? I promise it’s so much easier than it seems! And it’s perfect for you other competitive spirits out there 😉

If you’re still lost on what in the world Football is, I’m happy to report that I’ll be starting a brief weekly feature called Men Decoded: Football, where I’m planning on sharing some of my football knowledge! I’ll be covering the basics of Football, how to watch a game and even how to recognize the penalties. I know there are plenty of women in the world who love football (me included) so don’t take offense if you know all of this, I just want other women to know football isn’t just for men! 🙂 (Also if there are ANY men reading my blog, feel free to chime in anytime!)

As if you need more reason to get excited for this season, here’s my Football eye candy for the week:

So you can still sign up for Fantasy Football until the regular season starts which is Sept 5, 2012 for the 2012-2013 season. I thought I’d offer to run a fantasy football league if any of you are interested in giving it a try! If we have at least 8 teams (8 people, 1 being me), we can give it our own go! I’m already in 2 leagues so I won’t be offended if there’s no one interested this year, I promise.  🙂 Just leave your e-mail in a comment if you’re interested.

How was your weekend?

Movies Made Easy: The Avengers

Images via: 1/2/3/4/5

Joking aside, The Avengers is such a winner for both guys and girls. I have a soft spot for Iron Man (I mean for a 47 year old, Robert Downey Jr makes you want him) but if you want someone younger, Thor or Captain America will float your boat. The best part is that there’s just enough action, comedy and eye candy to keep you (and your man) happy. For those of us who know little to nothing about Marvel comics, it’s easy enough to follow without having much of a background. Plus, talking superheroes can be such an easy way for ladies to score points with men of all ages. Next up on the Men Decoded series: Understanding Fantasy Football…


*Disclaimer: If you are a woman who truly loves Marvel for reasons other than men in spandex, please don’t take an offense to this post. This post is geared towards the women who know nothing about comic books so that they realize how amazing it is! If you’re a true fan, I hope the movie made all your Marvel dreams come true.