Loving Lately: Sweaters

Happy Tuesday everyone!

Despite my undying love for dresses and sandals, I can’t HELP but feel so excited about fall fashion lately. My mind is constantly thinking about my fall sweaters and cardigans. I decided to link up with the lovely ladies CarlyKristenNiki & Rachel for Loving Lately and I need to purchase these stat!

Sweater Love

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I’m feeling a little anxious for fall because my birthday is coming up. Another year older, le sigh. And even more of a reason to get my bee-hind in shape (who knows when wedding bells will ring 😉 ).

Yesterday, I went to a “Hot Hula” class at the gym for the first time. I actually used to do Hula and Tahitian in high school so I was like “no prob, just an easy workout to ease myself back in.” WRONG. Within the first 5 minutes, my quads were on fire. I remember hula being a decent workout but my hip joints definitely don’t have the flexibility they used to. It was a challenge and my back does hurt a little this morning from popping out my bootay (lol) but overall, I feel good.

Also, Rob and I watched The Vow yesterday and I liked it! Everyone knows Channing Tatum is a hot piece of man candy but I wasn’t entirely sure about his acting skills in a chick flick (and no I haven’t seen Dear John yet). Anyways, I was pleasantly surprised and it definitely got Rob and I conversing about what we would regret most if something tragic happened to us tomorrow. I was overjoyed to hear his answer was the same as mine (I’ll leave you to wonder what that was). It’s silly but sometimes even a romantic movie can make you suddenly feel very lucky to have everything you do.

Lol (I could find a good source but here’s where I got it)

Do you love sweaters as much as I do? Have you seen The Vow? How do you feel about Channing Tatum’s acting chops?

Have a great day everyone!


They’d give US a house?

So Rob and I have been going back and forth about something for a long time.

Home Ownership.

We’re been together for almost 7 years (I’m working on our love story, it’s coming soon I promise!) and we’re pretty sure spending our lives together is the direction it’s headed (Rob feel free to pipe in if I’m speaking incorrectly for you 😉 ). But we’ve been waiting on a wedding until we felt more confident in our finances. Both of us know that we’re not in for a cheap wedding (and yes, Rob hasn’t even popped the question yet) plus we’ve been working full time for less than 2 years so that should answer the collective question of “Why haven’t you just gotten married already?!”

The wrench in the plan is that the housing market in Sacramento is SO good right now. For the last year, family members have been dropping hints about what a good time it is to buy and last summer, Rob and I even contacted a realtor. But I was the one to pull back the reins and let him know that I wasn’t comfortable signing on the dotted line, without tying the knot. Call me old fashioned but I’m a little anxious about signing ANY dotted lines. At the end of the day, I’m a romantic but I’m also a realist and heaven forbid Rob realizes I’m a complete psycho little too crazy, I wouldn’t want to complicate his quick break. So we put home buying on pause August of last year.

Well, the housing market got even better (Or I guess worse, if you’re selling). This summer, we’ve been seeing good starter homes with pools going for as little at $190,000 (in California, GASP), which we’re confident we qualify for. But I can’t help but feel overwhelmed about all of these crucial time points in life, potentially colliding. And we’re just not that interested in renting, because for what you pay in rent these days, you can own. Is it too old fashioned that I want us engaged before buying a house, even if the market is unbelievable? Is it possible to afford a wedding and buy a new house in the same time period? How does a new marriage survive both wedding planning and escrow? And if we were to get a house and finally decide to get married, could we learn to scale back our lives enough to make it all work? As if I needed to complicate things any further, what happens if I go to grad school next fall?

It just seems like we’re at odds to “having it all”. When does everything just fall into place? Regardless, I know I’m the luckiest girl in the world to have him by my side but I can’t help wanting it all! Feel free to share thoughts, suggestions or success stories of others who have been in our position! 🙂

At the end of the day, this is what matters. Etsy

Forgive me Father…

A mere 14 days into No-fry-August, I failed. I’ve been having a rough couple of days emotionally (for virtually no reason at all, minus my completely-legitimate time of the month excuse) so Rob caved and snuck me some fries because he couldn’t take my spiraling depression. Yes, my boyfriend fed my emotions with junk food. And God bless his heart for that, he even insisted he take the fall for it. But I’ll deal with my emotional eating on another day, when my hormone levels aren’t bouncing off the walls. Someday I will conquer no-fry month, *shakes fist* somedayyyy.

Blog Angels Halfway point

I signed up for Blog Angels with Craftbiotic and The Dreamy Meadow because I loved the idea of helping out another blogger anonymously and to be honest, I want to be doing way more! I’ve been taking a few steps back on my own blog so I haven’t been as active reading and commenting on blogs as much as I’ve wanted to. I’ve posted about her blog in multiple social outlets and I’ve even been sending her giveaway link out in some of my emails. The blogger I was picked to “angel” is so lovely and I want to help her more, I’m just afraid our audiences might be a little too different and I might not be helping enough! I like to think I’m making something of a difference but I’m dedicating the last half of the month to doing more! Here’s to the rest of the month, helping a fellow blogger out. 🙂

Happy Hump Day loves!

Friday Letters: Olympics, PLL and Football

Happy Friday everyone!

Every week I cling to the fact that there IS a Friday and hallelujah for that! I took a mini bloggy break yesterday (because who really reads my blog daily 😉 ) and I have to say, it was lovely. I don’t want to blog just to fill up space so I’m going to shy away from writing entries that I’m not invested in. So that means hopefully more high quality entries at the risk of less entries overall. What do you think? Do you expect bloggers to blog daily?

On to Friday Letters!

Dear Olympics, YOU ROCK. I cannot believe how much I enjoy watching everything, even if I’m hours behind. Women’s gymnastics is my FAVE. Makes me want to attempt a cartwheel and fail miserably.

Dear Shay Mitchell, why are you so unbelievably beautiful?! I swear I watch Pretty Little Liars just to stare at you and Lucy Hale. That and because I cannot leave a mystery unsolved (I hate love myself a little for starting this series).

Dear luggage from Utah, unpack yourself, will ya? I’m so overwhelmed with the idea of unpacking you.

Dear Rob, one of the millions of reasons I love you is that you buy all the practical things I’d never own without you. This Mini DisplayPort (girls say whaaaat?) has made my blogging/netflix-watching a million times better. It turned my desktop monitor into a 2nd screen for my MacBook Pro = life changing.

Dear Blog friends, thank you for adding to my life in a wonderful way. Every comment, e-mail and tweet means so much to me and I might be driving you crazy with all the thank yous but I mean every single one!

Dear French Fries, we’re through. Despite my extreme love of everything you are, I’m quitting you for August. I know its only a small token of friendship I can offer to my health but it must be done. And for the record, it’s not me, it’s you… you and your golden goodness.

Dear Football season, let’s go! 33 days and counting… Ordering my Peyton Manning jersey ASAP. This is my dream season and I can’t wait! Any other football lovin girls out there??

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Have a great weekend everyone!

Mani Monday: Baseball Nails

Hey there!

So I was having such a great weekend in SF until I realized…my wallet was gone. Sunday after brunch, we were headed to the Alemany Flea Market when I peek into my purse and realize my wallet is missing. We retraced all our steps  from the point I remember having it (Umami Burger, Muka Wine Bar, the hotel and San Jalisco for brunch) but no luck. I was SO upset. Especially because the LAST place I lost my license was San Francisco a year ago so SF has claimed 2 of my licenses! Bah humbug. Our last hope is Muka which isn’t open Sun or Mon, so Tuesday at 6 pm we’ll be calling just to check! But my hopes are low.  😦 Besides that SF, was wonderful and I’ll probably be recapping it later this week.

Luckily for me, I have my passport to serve as ID for my flight to Utah tonight. I’m excited to be on vacation for the next 6 days but the loss of my wallet will definitely hang over my head a little. I’m going to try to shake it off as best I can since there’s likely nothing I can do about it! I’m also a little nervous because this is my longest flight by myself and I don’t really like doing anything solo. But I will be cheering my brother and his team on in Utah, so I decided last night to do a festive accent nail for Mani Monday!

Essie: Peach Daquiri for the nails and Target: Sinful Colors for the baseball

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First of all, I must give credit where credit is due so let it be known that Rob helped me with this manicure! I was feeling frustrated with the red stitching and honestly this was probably the 7th time I put the white base on but I love how it turned out! Turns out he has quite the steady hand! Haha I swear the things I ask that poor man to do, he is a SAINT. He’ll probably be sorry that he let me in on his nail art skills.

I’ve also grown quite partial to the SUPER cheap Sinful Colors section at Target. The nail polishes are only $1.99 and the white was actually really thick and covered well. I’ll definitely be buying more of those for nail art and accent nail colors!

Happy Monday!

Friday Letters: Funnel Cakes and Robes

Happy Friday everyone!

I cannot tell you how HAPPY I am that it is Friday, this just felt like a long week didn’t it?! Time for Friday Letters 🙂

Dear Funnel Cake, I’m coming for you. The State Fair happens once a year and I CANNOT wait to get your sweet doughy goodness in my mouth. It’s on like Donkey Kong.

Dear Rob, my “time of the month” is approaching and I want to apologize in advance for the extra bit of crazy you’re going to have to deal with. And by extra bit, I mean the complete psychotic break I have once a month. I love you dearly.

Dear Chevron Robe, I have no idea why in the world I felt compelled to have you but I am SO happy I decided to treat myself. The way the you drape, the chevron pattern, it’s like you just get me.

Dear Nail Salon, I’m coming at you this weekend. I love a DIY Mani but nothing compares to a spa pedi. Every week I put my feetsies through 5 days of heels and wedges and they deserve a break. Especially when you use those hot rocks on my calves..fhew, just ignore the sounds that escape my mouth.

Dear Twitter, I am so incredibly thankful for you because I have the most wonderful conversations with bloggers I completely adore via Twitter. I kid you not, it feels like talking to celebrities! Okay, I’m going to stop now, my nerd is showing.

I’m falling in love with red wines. It hasn’t been easy but I think we’re ready to go steady.

What are you weekend plans? Fill me in!

If you missed it, here’s the guest post I did at the amazing Emily’s blog this week! : Anna Delores Blog

Have a great weekend loves!

Come back this weekend for a post (or two if I’m feeling ambitious!) 🙂