Simply Traveling: Renegade Craft Fair in SF

Happy Wednesday everyone!

Rob and I went to San Francisco this weekend, mostly to appease my need to stretch my legs in another city. Since we found the Hotel Tonight app, we’ve been more open to just hitting the open road and making plans when we get there. Luckily it was also the weekend of the Renegade Craft fair, which I had been reading about on Oh, Hello friend. If you’ve never been to Renegade, It’s as if you took Etsy and made it an in-person market. AMAZING right?

The Urban Smith These necklaces were so cute and I love the typography on their products

Unicorn Crafts I could not get over how CUTE all their stuff was. Mustaches and Unicorns? YES.

Molly M Designs These earrings were so beautiful. They are geometric shapes cut out of wood and suede!

Paper Parasol Press These CA prints were so cute. They also had beautiful cards too!

I wanted to take a million more pictures but I was a little intimidated by so many talented artists so I only took a few. I also met Danni from Oh Hello Friend and purchased those 2 wonderful earrings from her for only $20! She was so sweet.

These are just a few shots from the rest of our trip. That fab antique-looking phone was in our hotel! And yes, I ate a quesadilla for brunch despite my potential lactose intolerance. I paid for it that day. If anyone knows the cheese addiction hotline, please pass that number on.

San Francisco’s weather was on point too, I mean when Sacramento is 102 degrees, it was a pleasant 80 degree break. So far, no word on my wallet so I’ve counted it out already. Womp womppppp. 😦 Have you ever been to a craft fair like Renegade?

I’m ridiculously busy enjoying my vacation, laying by the pool, drinking complimentary red wine and playing games at night. I promise I will be replying to your comments soon! I can only imagine how high my bloglovin count is at…. gah. Haha

Happy Hump Day loves!

If you are any of the shops I featured on my blog and would like to be taken down, please let me know!


Lovely weekend getaway

Happy Sunday loves!

I spent and am currently spending a lovely weekend in SF enjoying the cooler temperatures and taking in the city! I’m so serious about relaxation that I didn’t even bring my MacBook so this is as good as the entry is going to get on Rob’s IPad. Anyhoot, I went to my first Renegade craft fair and I can’t wait to tell you all about it! Until then, just soak in this instagram I took at Fort Mason yesterday, I swear it never ceases to amaze me as to how good the iPhone camera can be.


Also, I’m participating in my first group giveaway with the lovely Danielle at Framed Frosting so take a second to enter! Just follow Danielle, then leave a comment stating how you follow me (blog, twitter, facebook) and check out the other fabulous ladies and follow for more entries! It’s that easy to win all 8 prizes!

Happy weekend!

When life gives you…sushi

Due to further examination, I’ve decided to do away with Mentionable Mondays. I want to shy away from being overly gimmicky and posting things just because I have to. So, adios Mentionable Mondays, it was fun while it lasted one whole entry.

Umami Burger

In LA during spring break 2 years ago, we ate at the most amazing burger joint called Umami Burger. We heard a rumor that an Umami Burger opened in San Francisco and after a google search confirmed an address, Rob and I were off to SF for date night on Friday.

When we spotted the building with Umami splayed out front and spent 20 minutes driving up and down the same 5 blocks within range of the restaurant, I wasn’t sure if this adventure was made to be. As we finally strolled up to the resturant, Rob jokingly mentioned it would be funny if the restaurant ended up being Umami Thai food instead of our beloved Burger spot. With one peek at the menu, that joke became a reality when Umami’s menu was made up of Japanese cuisine and not angus beef.


As my stomach mourned the unbelievable mistake we had made, I wondered if a guilt-provoking sad dinner at McDonalds would dull the sadness in my heart. But Rob suggested we go to dinner there anyways. It ended up being a great restaurant, a “trendy” dim-lit place to go for plentiful drinks with friends and a gourmet sushi menu. The rolls had exotic ingredients like goat cheese, wasabi aioli, mango and Rob’s fav pico de gallo. We ended up ordering 3 sushi rolls, 2 drinks and a trio of kobe beef sliders. It was the first time I had ever seen Rob’s face light up after a sushi roll, which unto itself  made my heart sing. I don’t even want to imagine how high our bill was (Rob insisted we celebrate our hard earned money with a few expensive date nights) but I’m happy to say the cuisine at Umami in SF did not disappoint.

Just a mere 2 hours before we were paying the bill, we were mourning a wasted trip to SF and at the end of the night, we were rejoicing our blessed mistake. I guess when life gives you lemons, you eat gourmet sushi?

P.S. There is no Umami Burger in Northern California. We will most definitely be having it when we venture down south in August. 🙂

EDIT June 2012: There is now an Umami Burger in San Francisco! Literally down the street from Umami Sushi… No joke!