Current Crush Thursday: Girly Laptop Bags

Happy Thursday everyone!

So sometimes I play this game where I fantasize about having tons of money and owning beautiful things. I just got my Macbook Pro and I’m trying to find a bag or sleeve for me to tote it around in. While I didn’t find any that I could buy right now, I found these beautiful ones that are meant for dreaming about, until I can drop $100+ on a laptop accessory. :sigh:

Brahmin 1/ Minkoff 2/ Minkoff 3/ Baker 4/ Jacobs 5/ McKlein 6

Aren’t they beautiful? I’m obsessed with chevron Brahmin one, it’s totally on my wish list! How about you? What do you tote your laptop around in?

My first bloggy award!

Thanks to the lovely Sandra at The Puzzle of Sandra’s Life, I was given the Blog Award Backlog! The rules are to state 7 random things about yourself and nominate 15 other blogs! Here goes:

1. I’m obsessed with the Real Housewives on Bravo. My favs are Orange County and Beverly Hills, they’re California girls! I can’t tell you what I love about 6 rich women living unrealistic lives but it’s my crack.

2. One of my biggest talents is “hand writing” (can that even be considered a talent?). My Mom kept me inside during summers growing up to practice penmanship and I have to say, I thank her for it! I have a knack for cursive.

3. I celebrate every time Ulta sends me a 20% off your total purchase coupon. It sends me into a makeup buying frenzy! (Just got one!)

4. I’m one of those people who hate running. Hate.It. If a runner can convert me somehow, please let me know!

5. I have ridiculous obsessions with random things. This includes post-it notes, reusable tumblers, and having one brand of certain products so that everything matches.

6. I approach food with two different personalities. I love having fine dining experiences but I also love a good greasy burger from a questionable roadside stand.

7. I desperately wish I spoke another language fluently. I completely understand Tagalog but can’t speak beyond simple conversation. I’ve taken Spanish since Kindergarten so I can typically understand but can’t conversate in Spanish.

I’d like to nominate Rima, Emily, NicoleEmily, AlyxFranziska, Katrine, Kimberly, Celeste, Courtney, Net, Devon, Jess, Niki, Stephanie! All wonderful ladies whose blogs I completely adore!! 🙂

Happy Almost Friday!

Current Crush Thursdays: Ring Party

Happy Tuesday readers!

I’ve barely jumped on the accessorizing train and last but not least, has come the rings! I honestly never thought I could wear rings because I have kinda stubby fingers (curse you genes!) but with the increase in adjustable rings, now everyone can enjoy! Here are some rings that are too fun not to share:

Starfish $34/ Mustache $28/ Teal $6/ Stacked Spikes $3/ Peach $9/ SLR $10/ Feather $13/Thin Stacking $25

Any that you like?! The thin stacking rings are super in right now and so are spiked anything! I cannot get over that mustache ring, it kills me. And I’m madly in love with the Etsy store Jewelsalem, their jewelry is so affordable!  Any ring trends you’re totally loving?

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Close but no cigar

I don’t want to say too much because I might jinx myself but I’ve won a few radio contests in my life. In Sacramento, a local station called 107.9 hosts a summer concert called Endfest. On the drive home, I heard the cue to call and I made it through 3 separate times to attempt to be called 107. On my last call, I hear one of my favorite 107.9 Djs Chris K say “You’re caller 106!” and we ended up having this funny exchange about how bummed I was. Then I tweeted about it and Chris K tweeted me back! I’m not gonna lie, I was excited. And I totally missed myself on air because I immediately called Rob to tell him about it!

(Sidenote: @EGatsby88 is my personal twitter, so I don’t flood @SimplyEvani with my senseless babble)

Anyhoot, I’m gonna keep trying to win those tickets for my sister and I!

Hope you have a wonderful day-before-Friday!

Compulsive shopping

As if my readers weren’t already painfully aware of all my clearly insane personality traits, I’ve decided to let you all in on one more.

Compulsive Shopping.

Story of my life

As I mentioned in the prior post Caught in the Web, one of the first things I do every morning is check Groupon and LivingSocial (plus various other deal websites). Whoever invented the idea of daily deal websites is literally the devil. Today, they had a deal for $18 worth of drinks at Dive Bar for a mere $9! Since moving back to Sacramento, Dive Bar and the rest of the K street gang have been my bars of choice. Naturally, I bought it.

I send Rob the link in gchat with lots of excited words and exclamation points. His response? “You’re funny”. I realized just yesterday around the same time I sent him a link to a deal in Reno ($49 for a night with dinner included!). His response was something like, “You just got back from Tahoe, Santa Maria and LA for a week plus we’re going to Orlando in 2 weeks and you’re still looking for vacation deals?!” And suddenly it started to sink in, I’m addicted.

I’m addicted to shopping for deals. I always knew I had a minor shopping problem. Forever 21 has literally inhaled my paycheck for well over 8 years. But when I started working a full time job, gone were the days of daytime shopping. What better to fill that void than the daily deal websites? As I entered my e-mail into my 5th deal website, I felt the euphoria of money savings wash over me. I even have daily deal websites for purely craft and scrapbooking material sending me e-mails. I anxiously await my e-mail with this week’s travel deals and don’t even get me started on the flow of Coach, Express and Macy’s e-mails I get.

The power of a credit card

The good news is the probability of purchase is not correlated to the amount of time I spend searching for deals. To date, I’ve only bought 5 things on my daily deal websites (movie tickets, eyeshadow on,  a subscription to Cosmo and Disney magazine and today’s Dive bar deal). That fact alone should qualm my fears about the severity of my shopping problem. But my problem isn’t spending money, it’s the amount of time I spend looking at deals.

Oh well, at least I have a lot of time on my hands.