Simply Obsessing: Summer Wedges

Happy Thursday ya’ll!

Today I’m joining up again with one of my favorites link ups, Current Crush Thursdays! I’m only 5’0″ so as long as I have somewhere to go, I’m in heels or wedges to give me that added bump. Wedges are the perfect way to dress up a summer look so here are some wedges I’m simply obsessing about!


I miiiiight be a shoe addict. Which are your faves? Do you have a favorite store or website where you buy shoes?

Link up today with the lovely Danielle from Framed Frosting and her co-host Courtney from Baxtron Life!

Womp Wompppp…

Yesterday via convos with some of my favorite bloggers DaniellePunky and Tammy I discovered that I am indeed a No-Reply Blogger. 😦 Not by choice but because WordPress doesn’t allow me to comment with my e-mail attached. So I apologize to all you bloggers who desperately hate no-reply bloggers, I have no choice in the matter! I plan to investigate and blog more about this in my weekend entry so stay tuned for more.

Also, I realized my replies to your comments aren’t getting to you wonderful people, unless you come back to the entry?! That’s no fun. I think I’m going to start replying via e-mail unless its relevant to more than one person. Any thoughts on that? Hope that works!

Happy Pre-Friday everyone!


Simply Obsessing: Statement Necklaces

Happy Thursday everyone!

I hope you had a wonderful 4th of July! Mine was spent exactly as it ought to be, relaxing. Rob and I spent a majority of the day lounging around after leisurely sleeping in and then going to Elk Grove Park for the fireworks show with my family. My Dad grilled up some steaks, red potatoes and we picnicked until the fireworks at night. Heavenly…

So for today’s current crush, I’ve been really into statement necklaces. Especially the J.crew bubble necklace that EVERYONE owns! My favorite way that statement necklaces are styled is with a neutral colored top but a bright pop of necklace and other accessories. Case and point, Jessica over at Lovely Little Things in this outfit. She’s rockin it right?!

1. Francescas/2. Ebay/ 3. Anthro /4.Etsy 5.Etsy/ 6.Etsy

Link up Today!

Do you have a favorite? I’m loving the coral one from Francescas, it would compliment so many different outfits. If you recommend any places to buy affordable and cute statement necklaces, leave me a comment and let me know!!

How’d you spend your 4th of July? Hope you had a great one!

Happy Thursday!

Current Crush Thursdays: Ring Party

Happy Tuesday readers!

I’ve barely jumped on the accessorizing train and last but not least, has come the rings! I honestly never thought I could wear rings because I have kinda stubby fingers (curse you genes!) but with the increase in adjustable rings, now everyone can enjoy! Here are some rings that are too fun not to share:

Starfish $34/ Mustache $28/ Teal $6/ Stacked Spikes $3/ Peach $9/ SLR $10/ Feather $13/Thin Stacking $25

Any that you like?! The thin stacking rings are super in right now and so are spiked anything! I cannot get over that mustache ring, it kills me. And I’m madly in love with the Etsy store Jewelsalem, their jewelry is so affordable!  Any ring trends you’re totally loving?

Link up your Current Crushes today with Framed Frosting, Whispering Sweet Nothings and Lists From the Heart

Close but no cigar

I don’t want to say too much because I might jinx myself but I’ve won a few radio contests in my life. In Sacramento, a local station called 107.9 hosts a summer concert called Endfest. On the drive home, I heard the cue to call and I made it through 3 separate times to attempt to be called 107. On my last call, I hear one of my favorite 107.9 Djs Chris K say “You’re caller 106!” and we ended up having this funny exchange about how bummed I was. Then I tweeted about it and Chris K tweeted me back! I’m not gonna lie, I was excited. And I totally missed myself on air because I immediately called Rob to tell him about it!

(Sidenote: @EGatsby88 is my personal twitter, so I don’t flood @SimplyEvani with my senseless babble)

Anyhoot, I’m gonna keep trying to win those tickets for my sister and I!

Hope you have a wonderful day-before-Friday!

Simply Obsessing: Bogies Art Giveaway!

Happy Friday everyone!

With Father’s Day literally right around the corner, I am crazy excited to introduce you to one of my favorite artists in the world, Sam Boeger! Sam is an amazing artist (and a very dear friend all the way back to high school) who runs her own business named Bogies, doing everything from sketching, painting, pin striping and airbrushing. Here she is to introduce some of her art!

Hi everyone, Sam here!

I’m really excited to share some of my art with Simply Evani readers today! I picked up my first crayon at the age of 3, and I knew I wanted to become an artist. The enthusiasm and passion I have for art, is translated onto the canvas or current projects in my studio. I believe that we all have creativity in some form that needs to be expressed and shared with the world. My strong love for all things Disney, Starwars, and super heroes will always have a special spot in my heart. Which now include other obsessions such as Dexter, Firefly and Game of Thrones.  Being a freelance artist, I can take custom orders and commissions for almost anything you have in mind.

Through my art  I hope to energize, connect, and inspire others! Thanks again! and enjoy! 🙂

Sam ‘Bogie’ Boeger

Airbrushed pieces. And yea that’s Sam in the middle! Talented AND beautiful right?

* If you’re interested in this Father’s Day shot glass (colors can be customized to fit any sports team!) Sam is offering a special deal to Simply Evani readers: $30 with free US shipping for the month of June (Retail: $35) . Email her if you are interested and mention Simply Evani!

Where to find Bogies Art: Etsy/ Facebook/ Twitter/ Website/ E-mail

Aren’t those Avengers shot glasses amazing? Well, Simply Evani is doing it’s first EVER giveaway and we’re giving away the hand painted Iron Man shot glass (pictured below)! This is for all you Iron Man/Avengers fans or for the daughters, girlfriends or wives of Iron Man/Avenger fans. Own an original hand painted piece from Bogies!

How to win: (For a total of 3 entries)

  1. Mandatory to enter:
    Follow Simply Evani via Facebook (or Bloglovin) AND Follow Bogies on Facebook.
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    (And if you already follow, just comment that you already do!) (1 entry)
  3. For a last and final entry, tweet the following: “Check out @SimplyEvani to win a hand painted Iron Man shot glass from @Bogies! Enter now!”    (1 entry)
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Giveaway ends Monday at 5:00 pm.
Sorry US residents only

Have a great weekend everyone and good luck!! 

Simply Obsessing: Michael Kors

Happy Friday readers!

My obsession with Michael Kors is a late blooming one. For years, I watched him on America’s Next Top Model and loved him as a judge but my obsession with his products began last year with my first purchase of this bad boy in the luggage color. What wins me over the high price tag is the high quality leather and endless inside pockets of his purses. One of my best friends Vicky is the  one who got me hooked and I haven’t looked back since! I’ve been dying over all the lovely things that Michael Kors makes lately so I thought this entry was fitting.


I can tell you from experience the Michael Kors Large Hamilton bag (#4) and the Essential zip IPhone wristlet (#5) are absolute must haves! A bag like Hamilton (and yes, I actually call my purse Hamilton) never goes out of style, it’ll be classic for years to come. I actually got this IPhone wristlet for Christmas but I wanted the capabilities to pull my phone in and out easily to snap photos so I exchanged it for the essential zip instead. It’s perfect for going out AND for easy accessibility for those of us photo-happy people.

Instagram Blog Hop

This week I decided to take place in a few linky parties, including this Instagram blog hop with the wonderful blogs of Let it be BeautifulThe Pink Elephant and A Night Owl. It’s supposed to happen on Tuesdays but I missed this Tuesday so I thought I would do it today!

Click on the button below to participate and join in!

I’m so obsessed with Instagram and the simple but amazing photo editing capabilities it gives users.  And yes, Dive Bar in Sacramento legitimately pays people to dress as mermaids to swim in the pool above their bar! Also, if you ever happen by Sacramento, stop at Leatherbys and have a caramel sundae. It will rock your world.
If you have Instagram, find me @EGatsby88!

Lastly, I’m not a public person when it comes to deeply personal things but my Grandma is in the hospital and we could really use any and all prayers to help her get through. I’m the type of person to usually close up when it comes to things that are hard for me but I know she could use all the good thoughts and prayers she can get. Thank you.

Have a good weekend readers!